Saturday, December 30, 2017

World's Strongest: Contest of Champions 2

Previous Contest of Champions: Set Up

The track for the race is a quarter mile loop, constructed to handle both vehicles and foot traffic. Those beings who can fly must remain within ten feet of the ground to compete. The crowds come early and the stands remain full the whole day. Concessions are provided by several local Catering Companies, including Henry's. Specialties include various meats n sticks, as well as the local delicacies of Cast City. It is a big day for the local economy.

The first day f the contest is a race. A 1 mile race: I will break it down to number of actions and the time required. 1 round is 15 seconds, each action is a variable amount of seconds. Speed rating times 20 is the number of yards you may run in a given round, you then divide by the number of actions you have per round to find out how many yards you may run in an action. You also divide 15 by the number of actions to find out how long each action takes. Bear in mind there are 1760 yards in a mile, or 5280 feet in a mile(and 3 feet in a yard...I guess I can break it down more if I need to, but I sure hope I don't need to).

Impact has a speed rating of 72(which increases to 144 when he is over 20 ft tall). He also has 5 actions per melee, so that is 3 seconds per action. As he is seeking to run his fastest he will definitely increase his size to at least 20 ft tall for the whole race. This means he is moving at 720 yards per melee round, or 144 yards per action. this means that he can run a mile in 12 actions. He can run a mile in 36 seconds. HOLY CRAP! That is almost a hundred miles an hour, and honestly that is not a super hard number to beat within the system, I have had loads of characters with higher speed ratings.

Calamity has a speed rating of 77 and 4 actions per melee round. This means she may move 385 yards per melee, or 96.25 yards per action(each action is 3.75 seconds long). She can run  mile in 68.75 seconds.

Megaton is probably going to win the race. She is kind broken when it comes to speed. She can run at 700 mph, and can triple that per gravity manipulation. So she can hit 2100 mph, which is 1026.6 yards per second. She has 6 actions per melee, each action is 2.5 seconds long, 2566.5 yards per action. She manages to hit the mile mark in 1.7 seconds. A mile per two seconds is going t pretty hard to beat.

The Whirlwind has a speed of 129 and 12 actions per round. This means he can run 654 yards per 15 seconds. The actions take 1.25 seconds, and he may run 54.5 yards per 1.25 seconds. He can do a mile in 40.37 seconds.

Car Mage is allowed to use her car to do the race. The 'Cuda can travel at 600 mph, and she has 4 actions per round. so she is able to drive a 293.3 yards per second. She hits the mile mark at 6 seconds.

The Night Sheriff is going to have a problem, as he only has a speed rating of 24(out of 18), s he is only able to run at 120 yards per melee. He has 5 actions per melee, so each action is 3 seconds long. He can run 24 yards per action. He makes it to the mile mark at 220 seconds. A 3.6 minute mile is slow. so very slow.

Hammer of Heaven has exactly the same speed as The Night Sheriff, so she hits the finish line at the same time.

The Wanderer also has the same speed rating, but he can cast Fly as an Eagle and move at 50 mph, or use Metamorphosis: Animal t become a cheetah and do 90 mph. As a cheetah he is able to travel a 44 yards per second(132 yd per action, he has five actions per melee round). He can do a mile in 40 seconds. A decent showing.

Storm Eagle can fly at 160 mph, though she can travel much faster for short periods. She can turn into electricity and travel at 300 mph for short bursts of one melee in length. so she is going to be a bit of a different than the others. when travelling electrically she moves at 146.7 yards per second for the first melee round. If she has not hit the mile at that she reduces her speed to a mere 78.2 yards per second. She manages to do a mile in less than a melee round so she does not need to worry about dropping out of the pure electricity form. She manages a mile in just under 12 seconds(11.997 seconds).

Breakthrough can run at triple his normal rate through the use of Alter Metabolism, this would get him up to 405 yards per melee round, however he can also fly at 200 mph, which lets him hit 1466.6 yards per melee round. Break through can hit the mile in just under 18 seconds(17.999 seconds).

Mr. Shade has a speed rating of 34, meaning he can move 170 yards per melee round. He manages a mile in 155.29 seconds, just over two and a half minutes.

Wrath has a speed of 27, meaning she hits the mile at 195.5 seconds. 3 minutes and change.

The Physician does not do well. With a speed rating of 11 he can manage 55 yards per melee round, or 3.6 yards per second. He manages to run a mile in 480 seconds, almost eight minutes.

Maximum has a speed rating of 1100, so he can hit 5500 yards per melee, or 366.667 yards per second. he manages to hit a mile in 4.8 seconds.

Metal Marshal is not really designed for speed, she is more of a heavy hitter. Her speed, in the suit, is 70, meaning she can do 350 yards per melee, 23.3 yards per second. She can hit the mile in 75.4 seconds.

Devil Fist doesn't have a super high speed, however he can use chi to enhance his speed for one melee round. By spending 80 chi Devil Fist enhances his speed to 424. This means he can run for 2120 yards per melee round for one melee round. He manages to hit the mile mark at 12.45 seconds.

Perdition has a speed of 29 and manages a mile in 182 seconds, just over 3 minutes.

Nemesis, her sister, has a few more options for rapid movement. The Charger can travel at 280 mph, or 136.889 yards per second. She manages the mile in 12.85 seconds.

Prince Herman has a speed of 24, and can do the mile in 220 seconds.

Inquest has the same speed as Prince Herman, and so he also hits the 220 second mark.

Seraph can hit 700 mph while in her super form. She can do 342.222 yards per second. Her speed for the mile is 5.14 seconds.

Le Tarasque can run at 220 mph, or 107.556 yards per second. He can run a mile in 16.36 seconds.

Rat Queen has a speed of 81, meaning she can cover 405 yards per melee round. She can cover a mile in 65.18 seconds. I kind of picture it like thousands of rats sprinting and then forming up int her terrifying rat queen form.

The Never Ending Cheery Death Machine may not be the fastest, or the most popular, but he can run all day. He would probably keep yelling that they should make the race an endurance race instead. No one listens. He has a speed rating of 26. He manages to run the mile in 203 seconds. He was laughing like a maniac the whole way.

Henry entered the competition, though he is not really a hero r a villain. However his bar is one of the sponsors for the event, and so he enters every time, just for the fun of it. He has a speed rating of 35, meaning he can move 175 yards per melee. He manages a mile in 150 seconds. two and a half minutes. Pretty good time.

Reciprocitor has just an average speed(11), and she runs a mile in 480 seconds. Just about eight minutes.

Enki has a speed rating of 24, she can do a mile in 220 seconds.

Geostorm has an enhanced speed when he creates an Earthen exoskeleton, giving him a rating of 36. He can do a mile in 146.66 seconds in this form. Just over two minutes. Not to shabby.

Nemain has a speed of 16. She can do a mile in 330 seconds. Five and a half minutes.

Cavalier Rouge has a speed of 27, she manage a respectable 195.5 second mile. just over 3 minutes.

Shedim can fly at 60 mph due to his fiery form. He manages a solid mile time, 60 seconds. A one minute mile. 

The Hunter has a speed of 18, and manages a mile in  293.3 seconds, 4.8 minutes. 

Ms. Miracle has a speed rating of 56. She can run the mile in 94.28 seconds. 

The Crimson Commando has a speed of 38 and manages a mile time of 138.9 seconds. 

By the end of the day we have our top three competitors in the race. Megaton takes the gold with a phenomenal time of 1.7 seconds. Maximum gets the silver with a time of 4.8 seconds. Seraph gets the bronze with her time of 5.14 seconds. as the day comes to a close folks still talk excitedly about all the amazing competition. They look forward to the next day and the lifting completion. Its always a bit of a people pleaser. 

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