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Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 22

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And now...

This one took the longest of any of them. There are just so many options and they all cost a huge amount of money. Its just ridiculous. This category is kind of broken. It grants a huge budget and allows you to purchase super powers. I really like the concept behind this category, however I am not a fan of how it is done. However this category is as close to point buy character creation as Palladium ever managed. Its even more choice oriented than Mutant Animals. Lets dig in to the...

Eugenics Hero

Step 1: The Eight Attributes
Not sure why this one specifically calls out the number of attributes.However for this one we are going with our standard of eleven in each attribute. This is going to change a lot in the making of this hero. I do think that if you combined robotics, bionics, and this category you could get a really spiffy character type. Maybe call it the constructed hero. Just a thought.

Step 2: Hit Points & SDC
In this it grants a pretty decent starting SDC. it grants a base SDC of 1D6x10+10. You could end up with a base SDC of 70, but due to how I do rolls we get a 40 as our base. Not bad, not bad.

SDC 40

Step 3: Determining Eugenics Abilities
Our first choice here is the budget of our hero for cool genetic mods. You get between Seven and Seventeen Million dollars. We will be taking the max for our hero, $17 Million. Now we need to go through all the pages and pages of special abilities and super powers and buy which ones we want for our hero. I think for this one I will be leaning toward a really bestial hero with awesome reflexes and strength and durability. Also in this section you come up with the organization that built you and your background as a test subject. I will be going with aliens experimenting on humans. I really loved the TCRI aliens form TMNT and Jack Hawksmoor from The Authority. So I am thinking something like that. We have already established that Earth is beyond the fringe for galactic civilization, so these aliens see humans as a genetic resource they can harvest. Lets get started.

Modified Heart +7 HP +7 SDC +1 vs disease +4 vs heart specific diseases $650,000
Modified Immune System Immune to disease +1 vs poison/toxins $1 Million
Bio-Regeneration(Super) regen 2D6 HP/SDC per melee round -2 MA -1 PB $7 million
Ambidextrous +1 Attack +1 Parry WP Paired $300,000
Armor Rating(Natural): Light Armor AR 12 $500,000
Attribute Enhancement: Physical Strength +4 PS $300,000
Supernatural Strength +37 PS +2 Pull Punch Supernatural $1.5 million
Extraordinary Speed 220 mph +50 SDC +1 Attack +1 initiative +2 strike +3 parry +2 pull punch  +4 roll w/punch +6 dodge +2 auto dodge $230,000
Enhance Leaping PSx40 ft +15 SDC +1 Roll w/punch +1D6 dmg to kicks $600,000
Enhanced Agility & Dexterity +5 PP +1 Attack +3 Auto Dodge $700,000
Increased Metabolic Rate +1 Attack +1 initiative $750,000
Nocturnal Hunter (Bonuses in the dark) HF 13 +1 Initiative +1D6 Dmg $500,000
Supervision: Nightvision $50,000
Polarized Eye Filters $20,000
Ultra Hearing +1 Initiative +1 dodge $200,000
Heightened Sense of Hearing +1 parry +2 dodge +6 on initiative $50,000
Heightened Sense of Smell +1 Dodge +1 Initiative $70,000
Heightened Sense of Touch +1 strike $150,000
(6)Superlight Cells Left Arm 12D6 dmg 160 ft $2.4 Million

Sponsoring Organization: Aliens interested in Earth or Earthlings
Motive for Genetic Reconstruction: Military
Current Status With Organization: On the run and secretly hunted
Conditions of Eugenic Modification: Abducted By Alien Race(Roll on Physiological Modifications Due to Unearthly Environments table)
High Gravity +70 SDC +5 PS +1 initiative
Possible Disfigurement: None
Possible Insanity: None

Step 4: Education and Skills
You determine education and skills as normal for Heroes Unlimited. I will be going back to my normal rules for education here, so we should be having some fun. I think he was a professional thief who got abducted by aliens and now is trying to help people with his powers.

Physical Program
Boxing+1 Attack, +2 Parry and dodge, +1 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +10 SDC
Gymnastics+2 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PP, +2 PE, +7 SDC
Acrobatics+2 roll w/punch, +1 PS, +1 PP, +1 PE, +3 SDC
Wrestling+1 Roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PE, +13 SDC
Professional Thief Program 
Surveillance Systems
Secondary Skills
H2H: Martial Arts +2 attacks/melee; +3 roll with punch/fall;+2 initiative; +3 pull punch
Athletics: +1 Parry/Dodge; +1 roll with punch/fall; +1 PS; +3 Speed; +5 SDC
Body Building: +2 PS; +10 SDC
Speak Latin
Read and Write Latin
Speak English(Native language is French)

Step 5: Alignment
Not sure why this needs a whole step all to itself. I guess I will take a look at the character as a whole. I see this as a sort of redemption story, so I see him as a bad man trying to turn his life around. So I will probably go with Anarchist, as that would fit this better. 

Step 6 Other Stuff
And here we go with all the finishing touches and the like. We have a new alien species operating on earth, so this hero is probably going to have some cool team ups with Impact, the Alien Renegade. Also these aliens are meddling with human genetics, so maybe they are connected with e Ouroboros Group a bit. Maybe they don't control it, but they share information with it, so they both can benefit? That would also link this hero with The Whirlwind. These possible connections could help with adding drama and variety to a given hero. 

Name: Jean Bernard
Super Identity: Le Tarasque
Alignment: Anarchist

IQ: 11
ME: 11
MA: 9
PS: 65 Supernatural(Jump 2600 ft)
PP: 18 
PE: 15
PB: 10
Spd: 220 mph

Natural AR: 12
HP: 25
SDC: 231

Boxing; Gymnastics; Acrobatics; Wrestling; Locksmith; Prowl; Climbing; Surveillance Systems; H2H: Martial Arts; Athletics; Body Building; Speak Latin; Read and Write Latin; Speak English(Native language is French)

Punch: 2D4x10(+1D6 with kick, +1D6 at night)
Power punch: 3D6x10
Initiative: +7(+8 in darkness)
Attacks: 9
Strike: +5
Damage: +50
Parry: +8
Dodge: +12
Automatic Dodge: +7 
Roll w/Punch: +15
Pull Punch: +7

Ten years ago a series of museum robberies startled the well to do across Europe. This thief stole art and artifacts from seventeen museums in less than a year, leaving no trace. Then the robberies suddenly stopped and the paintings were eventually found in a warehouse in France, covered in dust. Jean was that thief. Bouncing from nation to nation, stealing whatever he wanted. None even knew his name. Then one day the lights descended from the sky and took him away. The Yxxhet, a highly advanced and amoral species, had taken him and hundreds of other humans to experiment upon. As his time moved forward many of the subjects died in excruciating torture. Jean experienced pain as he had never before in life. As the years wore on the numbers dwindled, those remaining became far closer than friends. They became as family. Finally it came down to the last few. They had all demonstrated powers, and the aliens were heading back to earth to gather more humans. The attempted escape, only Jean succeeded. Now he hides in Coast City, a changed man in more than physical ways. He now sees the world through the eyes of one who has suffering and seeks to lessen the suffering of others. He has put his alien might against the corrupt and the evil of the city. He dwells in the tunnel system beneath the city, a vast network of storm drainage pipes, subway tunnels, and all the other necessities of a major city. He stands as king of the Under-town, a monster who defends the weak. He is called Le Terasque after a mighty beast in French myth. 

And there we go. I would not recommend this category if you want to maintain game balance or have a easy time building the character. I probably could have even gotten more broken with this build if I wanted to. This build took me something like six hours to complete. Anyhow I think this one went pretty well. We have a new alien force moving on the Earth, and a new set of cool terrain types within the city itself. We could have a lot of fun with Under-town. Next we will be going into another weird one, the Gestalt Hero. I am not sure if I should do a couple of different heroes for that category, or if I should just do one. The types within it are kind of odd. 

Also +Megan Bennett-Burks and I just finished a Kickstarter for A Far Off Land, A Fate RPG in Two Worlds. It is a game about special people chosen by Eldritch beings to travel between the worlds and protect or destroy both. They are shape shifting masters of primordial magics, and they hold the fate of two worlds in their hands. If you missed the kickstarter and would like to check out the game, you can still get it. Check out the Beta Document.

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