Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 31

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And Now...

We have reached the end of this part of the series. I do have plans for furthering this project and showcasing the capabilities of the various characters and how they sack up in the various aspects of the super hero occupation. Anyway this post we will be delving into one of the more powerful categories in the series. It has a boat load of powers and diverse options. Lets dig into...

The Heroic Hellion

Step 1: The Choice
This character starts out with a choice between either a specific demon type from the various types of demon presented in the book, or other palladium book I guess. If you don't want to do that option, than you use the tables in this section to design your demon type. I will be going with that second option, as I feel like it grants more potential power. I could be wrong, but I do get to have exactly the character I want. I see this character as a master of darkness and flame, with magic and psionic abilities. He is going to be something of a powerhouse of versatility. Lets get to it.

Entirely New Demonic Heroic Hellion

Power Level
Greater Supernatural Being
AR: 13
Attacks Per Melee: 7
+1 Perception
+1 vs Magic and Mind Control
Eight Attributes: IQ 20 ME 20 MA 18 PS 36(Supernatural) PP 20 PE 23 PB 16 Spd 27
Hit Points & SDC: PEx10 HP PEx6 SDC
Inhuman Appearance: Humanlike Brute +24 SDC +3 PS -2 MA
PPE: PEx10
Skills of the Heroic Hellion: 4 skills from each: Espionage, Physical, Rogue, WP
Detect Ambush
Detect Concealment
Acrobatics +2 roll w/punch, +1 PS, +1 PP, +1 PE, +3 SDC
Gymnastics +2 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PP, +2 PE, +7 SDC
Boxing +1 Attack, +2 Parry and dodge, +1 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +10 SDC
H2H: Martial Arts +3 Attacks +3 Roll w/Punch +2 Initiative +3 Pull Punch +3 Parry/Dodge +2 Strike/disarm
Pick locks
Supernatural Abilities:  magically understands and speaks all languages; aura appears to be that of a supernatural being similar to those of demons and infernals;  heals three times faster than a human, once per 24 hours can bio-regenerate 1D6x10+20 Hit Points or S.D.C.;  lives 100 years for every P.E. attribute point; Humanoid Metamorphosis – the ability to transform into one mortal alter-ego,  Enlightened Demon is only half as powerful as he is in demon form; reduce all physical attributes, bonuses, attacks per melee round, I.S.P, P.P.E., Spell Strength, etc. all by half
Special Super Abilities
Darkness Control
1. Create Darkness
2. Shadow Meld
3. Night Vision
Psionics Super
ISP: MEx20
Invisible Haze(30)
Mental Illusion(20)
Mind Bolt(6 per 1D6 dmg)
Psi Sword(30)
Telekinesis: Super(10 per 100 lbs)
Sense Enchantment
Sense Supernatural Evil
Sense Magic
PPE: x2
Invulnerability: Limited(25)
Negate Magic(30)
Globe of Silence(20)
Circle of Concealment(15/100)
Invisibility: Superior(20)
Metamorphosis: Animal(25)
Fly as an Eagle(25)
Words of Truth(15)
Mystic Shield(10)
Call Lightning(15)
Horrific Illusion(10)
Eyes of Thoth(8)
Magic Net(7)
Multiple Image(7)
Armor of Ithan(10)

Step 2: Source of Enlightenment
In this step we must decide on the reason this demon chose the path of goodness. I think I will link it up with The Hammer of Heaven and the Book of All Souls. I think he was trapped in the book for a thousand years, and the purpose of the book was to reform demons. Maybe he was easier to convince, or maybe he was merely the first to be affected. Whatever the reason, he was the only demon to leave the book with the desire to do good.

Captured And Reformed

Step 3: Additional Demonic Features
If you thought that you stopped getting cool new powers back in the demon creation section, were you ever wrong. Here you get 2 more options, some of which grant you awesome powers. Some just make you look silly. I will be going with more power, obviously. So I will be increasing the character's physical attributes and his demonic form is made of fire and can fly. Very cool. So I see him as a shifting form of shadows and flame, like a human sized Balrog, when in demon form. 

Alter Physical Structure: Fire
1) Continuous Bolt of Flame: 2D6 dmg 12 ft rng
2) Fire Ball: 3D6 dmg 300 ft rng
3) Create a Wall or Circle of Flame: 4D6 per melee to anyone in the flame 100 ft rng
4) Radiate Heat
5) Breathe Fire: 1D6 6 Ft rng can be used in any form
6) Super Nova: 10,000 dmg in 100 ft radius could kill hero
7) Other Abilities and Bonuses: AR 14 vs physical attacks; Impervious to fire, plasma and heat; hover and propel himself at a speed of 60 mph (96.5 km/h) +2 dodge in flight; Horror Factor: 14
Enhanced Attributes
All Physical Attributes +3

Step 4: Vulnerabilities
Now here we get to some interesting background and tactical choices. I must pick a side between Hades and Dyval. I guess these are the cannon two hells of the Palladium Multiverse.  I must also choose a vulnerability at this juncture. I was always fond of the Hawthorne weakness from some folktales, so I will be going with that.

Demon From Hades
Vulnerable to Hawthorne Wood(does double damage)

Step 5: Bonuses and Saving throws
Also you get to choose between a bunch of different saves or additional bonuses. I will be going with a bonus to magic, at first level it does not do all that much, but it will add a bunch to my magic saves and magic power as time goes forward.

Magic: Can use magic weapons and Techno Wizard Devices(I guess that means no other class can use them?)

Step 6: Equipment and Money
We get to the final step. This hero has a bunch of money and a secret lair as well as a couple of weapons. And that is it. I can work with that.

2 Weapons of Choice
Hidden loft sanctuary

Name: Enepsigos(goes by Karim Tir in his human identity)
Super Identity: Shedim
Alignment: Scrupulous

IQ: 20
ME: 20
MA: 16
PS: 47 Supernatural(23 in human form)
PP: 25(12 in human form)
PE: 29(14 in human form)
PB: 19(10 in human form)
Spd: 30(15 in human form)

Natural AR: 13(14 vs physical objects)
HP: 290
SDC: 218
ISP: 400
PPE: 580

Detect Ambush; Detect Concealment; Disguise; Impersonation; Acrobatics; Gymnastics; Boxing; H2H: Martial Arts; Prowl; Seduction; Streetwise; Pick locks

Psionic Powers
Invisible Haze(30); Mental Illusion(20); Mind Bolt(6 per 1D6 dmg); Psi Sword(30); Telekinesis: Super(10 per 100 lbs)

Magic Abilities
Sense Enchantment; Sense Supernatural Evil; Sense Magic

Magic Spells
Invulnerability: Limited(25); Exorcism(30); Negate Magic(30); Locate(30); Globe of Silence(20); Circle of Concealment(15/100); Invisibility: Superior(20); Metamorphosis: Animal(25); Fly as an Eagle(25); Tongues(12); Words of Truth(15); Mystic Shield(10); Call Lightning(15); Horrific Illusion(10); Eyes of Thoth(8); Charm(12); Magic Net(7); Blind(8); Multiple Image(7); Armor of Ithan(10)

Super Abilities
Alter Physical Structure: Fire
Darkness Control

In the dark hours of night the elders of the various tribes spoke his name in harsh whispers and only when the fire was low and the drink was flowing. In those ancient days he walked the earth as a godlike being of capricious evil. Heroes and demigods faced his kind and drove them back, though none could harm Enepsigos. When Humababa fell, he merely laughed at the folly of his brothers. Then came Solomon, who bound all demons to his will. When he finally escaped, Enepsigos swore to never e bound again. He began to work behind the scenes through catspaws and intermediaries. Then came the Archmage. There have been many to whom the title has been passed, but this was the first. He chased down Enepsigos, harried him across the earth and bound him and 36 other demonic princes in the Book of All Souls. For a thousand years he sat in the book, with nothing but his own memories for comfort. As time wore on Enepsigos began to feel bad for the actions he had taken. It was as if the book were causing him to grow a conscience. Recently he and the other demons were released from the book, and Enepsigos has come to believe that life should be preserved. He seeks to trap the other demon princes back in the book, or destroy them some other way. In the last few weeks he has become aware that a demon hunter has moved into the city and he seeks to help her in her task. The problem is, he seems to be falling for her. This has never happened before, and it has caused him to make some missteps on the way.

And there we go. We are through all of the character categories from Heroes Unlimited. Next I will be playing around with these characters I and others have made. I have a rough idea of how to do it, so in the coming weeks I will be doing a series about the annual Contest of Champions. Where heroes from all over may try their strength, skill, and luck to see who will take the title as the Champion. I see it working like this...

Back in 1984 a godlike being came to earth and gathered all the heroes together to have them fight it out and see who was the best. Basically he was a godlike super nerd who saw superheroes as his toys. Anyway, the heroes managed to get out of it pretty much fine, and drove of the being to boot. However they had had some fun fighting it out, and the people of earth had all gotten to see it as the being had projected the fights into every TV on earth. And so the tradition started that a bunch of heroes would come together every year afterward to have a contest. This year there has been a massive uptick in new heroes across the world and in Coast City specifically. So a lot of hero watchers and conspiracy theorists think this must mean something, but everyone is looking forward to seeing these new heroes compete in the Contest once more. Should be fun. Stay tuned.

Also +Megan Bennett-Burks and I just finished a Kickstarter for A Far Off Land, A Fate RPG in Two Worlds. It is a game about special people chosen by Eldritch beings to travel between the worlds and protect or destroy both. They are shape shifting masters of primordial magics, and they hold the fate of two worlds in their hands. If you missed the kickstarter and would like to check out the game, you can still get it. Check out the Beta Document.