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Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 24

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And now...

Welp, this is an odd one. I started out making a fairly regular hero, in the vein of what has come before. Then it was brought to my attention the the Imbued Hero has the opportunity to be really out there. I was inspired by a number of characters for this one. Primarily I was inspired by Snowflame and the Ultimate Warrior. I was also inspired a bit by Deadpool and Ambush Bug. So dig in true believers, this post is going to be a bit of a ride.

The Imbued Hero

Step 1: The Usual
Elevens across the board, like normal. I think this one is going to get a little nuts with powers and training. Good good.

Step 2: Hit Points & SDC
As normal for HP. Your base SDC starts at 30.

Step 3: Imbued Super Abilities
This is where you come up with the thing that grants your temporary powers, as well as how long it lasts, how often you can use it, and all sorts of other things. For this I went with a chemical that enhances. This hero is imbued with drugs, super drugs, all the drugs. I think he started as a fairly normal person, a chemist working on making useful drugs out of recreational drugs. Maybe he was developing the next opioid or something. Then he figured out how to do some crazy mixtures with other drugs and it made him faster tougher, and able to bounce back from any injury. Now he doesn't do that, chemistry I mean, he fights crime with violent JUSTICE!

What is the Imbuing Agent?
Chemical(Powered by drugs, lots and lots of drugs, so many much drugs)
What Kind of Addiction does the Agent Cause?
Psychological Only(It grants super powers, is it really an addiction? I mean, who doesn't want powers all the time)
Who can gain super abilities using the imbuing agent?
The Imbued hero or any member of his bloodline.
Who can make the Imbuing Agent?
Only those instructed by the the Imbued Hero, he could tell you haow, but why bother. More drugs for him.
How long does each dose last before wearing off?
10 hours-the hours just fly by.
How often can the Imbuing Agent be Taken?
As needed or desired...so all the time, then?
Imbued Super Abilities
1 Major and 4 Minor
Super Regeneration 2D6 HP/SDC per melee round
Extraordinary Physical Prowess +5 PP +7 Spd +1 Attack +3 auto dodge
Extraordinary Physical Endurance +8 PE +100 SDC +10 HP
Extraordinary Strength +13 PS
Lightning Reflexes +3 Initiative +1 Disarm +2 Roll w/Punch +5 Spd +1 Attack +3 Auto Dodge WP Paired

Step 4: Education & Skills
This character needs a lot of physical training in order to better be awesome all the time and fight villains, and whoever else gets in his way. Also he needs training in the sciences to be able to build the super drug. I probably should name the super drug at some point here. It needs a cool name that sounds awesome and kind of dangerous. I am currently leaning toward something like Insanit-33, or something.

Physical Program
Boxing+1 Attack, +2 Parry and dodge, +1 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +10 SDC
Gymnastics+2 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PP, +2 PE, +7 SDC
Acrobatics+2 roll w/punch, +1 PS, +1 PP, +1 PE, +3 SDC
Wrestling+1 Roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PE, +13 SDC
Science Program
Computer Operation
Advanced Mathematics
Chemistry: Analytical
Secondary Skills
H2H: Martial Arts +2 attacks/melee; +3 roll with punch/fall;+2 initiative; +3 pull punch
Athletics: +1 Parry/Dodge; +1 roll with punch/fall; +1 PS; +3 Speed; +5 SDC
Body Building: +2 PS; +10 SDC
WP Automatic Pistol
WP Automatic & Semi·Automatic Rifles

Step 5: Alignment
There really is only one  option here for the alignment of this hero.
'nuff said.

Step 6: Equipment, Budget, & Other Stuff
He gets a lab with all the needed tools and a budget for buying special gear and such. He also gets a nice apartment and an old car. You roll for your budget here, I went with the highest ammount available.

Budget: $37,000

Name: Dr. Bryson Wills
Super Identity: Never Ending Cheery Death Machine
Alignment: Anarchist

IQ: 11
ME: 11
MA: 11
PS: 20/33 extraordinary
PP: 13/18
PE: 15/23
PB: 11
Spd: 14/26

HP: 18/36
SDC: 78/178

Boxing; Gymnastics; Acrobatics; Wrestling; Computer Operation; Advanced Mathematics; Chemistry; Chemistry: Analytical; Biology; Anthropology; H2H: Martial Arts; Athletics; Body Building; Research; WP Automatic Pistol; WP Automatic & Semi·Automatic Rifles

Super Regeneration
Extraordinary Physical Prowess
Extraordinary Physical Strength
Extraordinary Physical Endurance
Lightning Reflexes

Initiative: +5
Attacks: 7
Strike: +2
Damage: +18
Parry: +7
Auto Dodge: +8
Roll w/Punch: +12
Pull Punch: +3
Disarm: +1

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy! Wooh! Good times yeah? I mean the bullets hurt, sure. But pain is the spice of life and Bullets are the paprika of pain! HA! Alliteration! Like in the comics! I know, I know, you didn't expect me to save you. I get that. These are just gangsters, not some world ending threat. Shouldn't some lesser hero be saving you. Well don't worry I won't hold that against you. But hey I remember what it was like to be weak and boring. I wasn't always the pinnacle of Destrucity you see before you. There is the me from before, and then there is the me now. The me now is awesome all day every day(twice on Sundays), riding that high and saving the day. Me before...sooooooo serious. I mean, I read my notes and its like I don't even speak the same language. All I see is blah blah blah, not a superhero, blah. Now I get to have adventures all the time with all sorts of big name super heroes. We go out, fight evil, then come in for s'mores and stay up late braiding our hair and talking about boys. I don't like to brag or anything, but I did save the world once. When the spring-loaded rocket propelled cyber piranha attacked it was me that drove them back to the parallel dimension from whence they came-at least I hope that was their home dimension, otherwise they are going to be piiiisssed. What do you mean you never heard of that? It was the story of the century! Are you Amish? Do you have a TV?! Oh god, you poor bastard, I will go get you a TV right now! And then, dear citizen...AND THEN, you will know the true heroic nature of me, Never Ending Cheery Death Machine-what...no, it is not a stupid name. it is the BEST name. No your name is stupid-whatever it is. Don't bother telling me now, it's too late. I have given you a new name. Don't worry Steve, no thanks are necessary for making your name easier to remember.

And there we go we have our Imbued Hero. He turned out a bit odder than I originally thought. I hope you like it, though if you do not I understand. Next we will be going into my favorite Category of hero, and I have been planning him for a while now. It should be a lot of fun. Next post we delve into the Immortal Hero. Stay Tuned.

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