Monday, December 25, 2017

A Very Merry Magic Mecha Space Christmas

Merry Christmas!  I thought it would be fun to put out the basics f an idea I had a while back. I hope you like it.

Inspired by a conversation started by +Cole Rape, I will merge the setting from Aether Sea, with bits from Sails full of Stars, Camelot Trigger, and some stuff pulled from the System Toolkit. I will also be adding in some world building, because I cannot help myself so there will be some new stuff going here. Lets see what happens, yeah?! This is probably going to get a bit complicated.

To play this hack you are going to need access to Fate Core,  Aether Sea, Sails Full of Stars(at least the Alchemy Rules), Worlds in Shadow, and the Fate System Toolkit.

My core idea for this is to start with the setting, races, and magic of Aether Sea, but use the skill pyramid from Fate Core rather than the approaches of FAE. This will alter the magic rules a bit so we will have to work out how best to do that. I would also like to bring in Alchemy from Sails Full of Stars and add in mecha from Camelot Trigger. Then of course add in some touches of my own. This is going to be a bit of a doozy, so strap in folks.

In the impossible future of a forgotten yesterday mankind went to the stars,  not with the cold hand of technology but the passionate power of magic and the wisdom of alchemy. The encountered many peoples in that undiscovered horizon, and all were like men in some way. After the initial squabbles and discord came the celestial concordance and the great peace. Exploration, either of outer space or the inner self, became the focus of all civilized life. Sure there were those who sought to dominate or destroy, but the magics and good will of the Concordance always won them over. Until now.

Four years ago an exploration craft disappeared in the Dark Nebula. Shortly thereafter came the shadows. They had technologies and magics beyond anything yet encountered. They did not negotiate, they did not demand, they simply came in their silent black ships and massive Armored Suits and took what they wanted. Where they walked all intelligent life vanished. Finally one was captured, though it looked like an Elf, it was a twisted and sinister creature called a Drow. In its own language the name means Herald. The Drow were merely the beginning, for this captured Drow told of the Unspeaking One's who ruled over all the lesser people. Now we finally face the horror spoken of that day. Today we marshal our forces against the implacable might of the Mind Flayers.

The Folk
In order to get the Folk of Aether Sea to work in normal Fate I think I will need to use one of the methods mentioned in the Fate System Toolkit. I think I will use the Racial Skills from the Toolkit. Come up with an aspect related to being one of the Races of Aether Sea.

Human: They are very social and honest. You may use Human for anything regarding getting others to like you, making or using contacts wherever you are, or dealing with politics.
Goblin: Scavengers and survivors, they are manipulative and cunning. You may use Goblin to manipulate others, hide, distract others, or scrounge for materials or deals.
Orc: Strong and honorable, with a reputation for violence. You may use Orc to provoke an angry or fearful response from others, moving swiftly on foot, and enduring fatigue or pain.
Dwarf: They are a short, tough, and tradition bound people. Use Dwarf to resist attempts to change your mind, Working with stone or machinery, and properly interpreting prophecy.
Elf: They are arrogant, long lived, masters of plants and biology. Use Elf to recognize useful flora and fauna, know your way through the woods, or aid in controlling biomagic and biotech.
Troll: They are big, strong, and deep thinkers. Use Troll for feats of strength, singing traditional songs and stories, and learning and remembering new stories and songs.

You still need to have an aspect relating to your training in the magical skills, if you want t be more than a dabbler in magic. The magic system works the same as normal, but rather than choosing an approach you must choose a relevant skill for the effect you are seeking to accomplish.

The mecha are new to the setting, we will be using the rules from Camelot Trigger. It was the Drow that first used Mecha in open conflict. Though the peoples of known space defeated the Drow Invasion, they learned a costly lesson, and mecha have become the central tactical concern of the way war is waged. Each of the Folk build different kind of Mecha, I will go over the styles here.

Elven magitech is organic in nature and it is considered weird and alien to most. It uses living plant material, and is focused around speed and long distance damage.

Dwarven magitech is tough, durable, riveted steel and cold iron. They focus around endurance and using the terrain for defense and as a force multiplier. A small squad of Dwarven mecha can hold off a much larger force with the proper terrain.

Orcish Magitech is very basic and brutal. It has what it needs and nothing more. It is the most durable tech. It is tough and focused entirely around doing the maximum damage per strike. Their is very little to differentiate one mecha from anther. This is mostly due to the tactical advantage of one's opponent never knowing what weapon system they will be facing.

Goblinoid Magitech is cobbled together and unique in form and function. You can never tell what you will be facing with e a Goblin Mecha. They work a lot like the Wreck Armor from Camelot Trigger.

Humanish Magitech is focused around communication and intelligence gathering. The mechs focus on leadership and electronic countermeasures. There is a simplicity of design and elegance of structure with their mecha.

Trollan Magitech is focused around endurance, toughness, and strength. Their mecha are large and baroque structures. They make them from mystically treated stone carved with the deeds and stories of their family clans and filigreed in gold and silver.

Drow Mecha are constructed from the bones of giant beasts enchanted with necrotic energy, they are slight and wickedly fast, and focus on stealth and close in combat.

Mind Flayer mecha are combiner armor, as seen in Camelot Trigger. They use their psychic abilities to work together with their giant combined mecha. This is only one of the many dangers they bring to the table. Their mecha focus on draining the energy from their opponents.

And their is the basics f a combined setting that I think it would be fun to play around with.

Happy Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful day.

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