Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 1

H'okay so I have a fun little game I sometimes play and I would like to share it with you. Its a game where I make characters for Palladium's various games. See I love Palladium's games. One of my first games was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness which I still love to this day. I have done a very long read through of Rifts, which is super fun. Part of the fun of the Palladium house system is how byzantine and unbalanced it can be. You can end up with a incredibly different power levels within the same game system. I know in the last few decades it has been said that balance was never intended in the original design. I have often suspected this is not true, but that is neither here nor there. So here is the game I will be playing. I am going to try and make the most combat capable character for Heroes Unlimited I can for each power category. Here are the character creation rules I will be using:

  1. I will be using the Main Heroes Unlimited book as well as the following additional books: Powers Unlimited 1-3, Armageddon Unlimited, After the Bomb(for mutant animal heroes), Ninjas & Super Spies(for martial arts, if it comes up), and maybe Nightbane(if I start digging into fun setting building stuff...and this is me so I probably will)
  2. All percentile rolls with mechanical benefits or downsides get chosen rather than rolled. Other percentile rolls can be rolled or chosen as needed. 
  3. Attributes all start at 11, unless something else is required for the power category
  4. When rolling for any other non-percentile roll count the first die gets the low average, the second the high average and so on.
    1. For example: If I were rolling 3D6, it would come out as ten, the first die would be a 3, the second a 4, and the third a 3.
  5. Do not worry about the percentages of the non-combat oriented skills. They might be useful, but the nature of the palladium house system means they will take hours to properly fill out, and that is just a nightmare. The combat stuff will be complex enough on its own.

With those rules in mind lets get crackin' on our first superbeing, The Alien.

Step 1
This is rolling the attributes and hit points. I don't know why they have you roll HP here as it is based on your Physical Endurance, which can change as character creation moves forward, so I will leav that until last. So that is step one done.
Step 2: Alien Appearance
In this I will make the choice to make this character the toughest and the strongest. So I will be going with the humanoid Mineral Alien as they are ridiculously tough have a natural Armor Class and a solid increase to strength. If I wanted more onuses overall I would probably go with the humanoid Rhinoceros, but I will go with mineral for now.

Natural AR: 14(you need a 15 or higher to damage this character at all)
+180 SDC
+20 Physical Strength

Step 3: Physiological Modifications due to Unearthly Environments
For this one I feel the best in nearly every case is to take High Gravity. It increases Strength and speed as well as granting a really high bonus to your SDC. Another good one is Abrasive Atmosphere, as it adds a lot of SDC and grants a superpower. But for this one I will go with High Gravity.

Height: 5'3"
+70 SDC
+5 PS
x3 Speed Attribute
+1 initiative

Step 4: Determining Super Abilities
Aliens have one of the more interesting options available. They can have super abilities natural to their species. What makes this cool as that these abilities cannot be taken away by other superpowers. It can't be nullified. And that makes it the best option for me in this situation. So for this one I can take a major and a minor power, 4 minor powers, or I can roll on the random powers table, So I will take a look at that last one. I will roll up 2 Major Powers: Growth and Supernatural Strength. Growth is kind of overpowered, it lets you get bigger and stronger as well as faster. However it is limited by your Physical Endurance and so that will be a bit of a hindrance, but not so much.

PE moves up to 14
Maximum height: 33'3"(this may change if the PE Alters)
Maximum Weight: 2400 lbs(this may change if the PE Alters)
+20 SDC per foot gained(max +560)
+1 PS per foot(max +28)
+2 strike and parry, double speed(when over 20 ft tall)
Supernatural Strength
+37 PS
Can Carry 300xPS, Lift 500xPS
+2 pull punch

Step 5: Determine Education & Skills
As I am making a combat oriented character I will choose Combat Specialist of the options available. I get Four Physical Skills, Hand To Hand: Martial Arts, Six Weapon Proficiencies, One Pilot Skill and First Aid, plus six secondary skills. Physical skills are kind of where teh wheels fall off in this game, but they are also some of the most fun. They often do not have a percentile, but instead have a bunch of bonuses to your physical attributes. Its kind of cool, but way overpowered and leads people to taking a whole bunch of them.

Boxing(the best skill in the game): +1 attack/melee; +2 Parry/dodge; +1 Roll with punch/fall; +2 PS; +10 SDC
Gymnastics: bunch of percentile subskills; +2 roll with punch/fall; +2 PS; +1 PP; +2 PE; +7 SDC
Wrestling: grants some extra combat moves; +1 roll with punch/fall; +2 PS; +1 PE; +14 SDC
Running: +1 PE; +10 spd; +3 SDC
H2H MA: +2 attacks/melee; +3 roll with punch/fall;+2 initiative; +3 pull punch
Weapon Proficiencies: Blunt; Staff; Sword; Energy Pistol; Energy Rifle; Automatic Rifle
Pilot: Hovercraft
First Aid
Athletics: +1 Parry/Dodge; +1 roll with punch/fall; +1 PS; +3 Speed; +5 SDC
Body Building: +2 PS; +10 SDC
Radio: basic
Computer Operation
Computer Programming

Step 6: Reason For Coming to Earth
This one is all background ans helps add some fun to the world. So for this one I will try and pick the option that seem the most interesting and will add the most to the world. I think I will go with the Outcast option, and this character will definitely get the option of being hunted by his persecutors and bounty hunters. This lets me play around a bit and have some fun. So the alien is being persecuted by his home government and fled to Earth because he got lost, and it seemed as a good place.
Step 7: Familiarity with Earth
I will go with No Familiarity with Earth, as that makes the most sense with the previous option. I kind of see Earth as being out in the wilderness of space. It gets ignored and is in a section of space few go to or even know all that much about this region. This means he can only read and write in English, and no other languages.
Step 8: Equipment
He has no earth clothes, as he has just arrived. Now I must choose a special weapon for the character to use. I will go with a melee weapon, as melee is a better choice in combat than ranged due the oddities of bonuses to attack in ranged combat. I will give him a Kisentite Sword, which is a sword that is invulnerable. This will be handy as the character is super strong, and it would suck to break my cool alien sword. I also have to choose a special vehicle, I will go with an anti gravity ring, that would allow my character fly, which should be handy. Though he can't use it when in full size state as he would be too heavy. The character also has $70,000 worth of precious metals and gems.

Kisentite Sword: 2D6+3 Dmg
Anti-Gravity Ring: 100 mph; Max weight 500 lbs

Step 9: Other Stuff
Now I have to pick an Alignment, get my base SDC(20), mark down base attacks per melee(2). And that is that. Now to do some calculating and finish up the character.

Name: T'klas Ohv'yhin
Super Identity: Impact
Height: 5'3"(max 41'3")
Alignment: Scrupulous

IQ: 11
ME: 11
MA: 11
PS: 82(max 118) Supernatural Carry 24,600lbs/35,400lbs; Lift 41,000lbs/59,000lbs
PP:  12
PE: 18
PB:  11
Spd: 72(144 when over 20 ft)[63 Mph/94 mph at over 20 ft]

Natural AC: 14
HP: 21
SDC: 319(max 720)

Boxing; Wrestling; Gymnastics; Running; Hand to Hand: Martial Arts; WP: Blunt; WP: Staff; WP: Sword; WP: Energy Pistol; WP: Energy Rifle; WP: Automatic Rifle; Pilot: Hovercraft; First Aid; Athletics; Body Building; Radio: basic; Computer Operation; Computer Programming; Prowl

Restrained punch: 5D6
Punch: 2D4x10+67(103 max)
Power punch: 3D6x10+67(103 max)
Initiative: +3
Attacks per Melee: 5
Bonus to Strike: +2 when over 20 ft
Parry: +3(+5 when over 20 ft)
Dodge: +3
Pull Punch: +5
Roll w/Punch: +8

And their you go, the biggest brick I can make so far. A being that can hit like a meteor, and soak up massive amounts of damage. He can run as fast as a cheetah, and can keep the pace for far longer than most beings. He traveled into uncharted space fleeing from the hunter killer squads from the leaders of the Galactic Consortium, with a bounty on his head so high every bounty hunter is out looking. Lost and out of options he landed on earth as it seemed as good a place as any. He managed to save a bunch of people from a building fire and gained a reputation as a hero. For the last year he has been working as a hero in Coast City under the name Impact.

I now know that the world This hero inhabits has a large oppressive interplanetary political body.Also I have the name of the central city of the setting, Coast City. Nice and generic, but it says a little bit about what is going on. As this goes forward their will be some more hints at the larger world and maybe when I am done I will be able to put it all together into a unified setting.

I plan on continuing with the series in the future. The next will be a Cyborg, which I don't like because for whatever reason Cyborgs in Palladium games end up being somewhat nerfed. I have a feeling people in the play test abused the hell out of cybernetics. I guess that will be a bit of a challenge.

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