Thursday, November 16, 2017

Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 9

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And now...

As we move into the last of the mystic power category we get to the most directly powerful of the types. This character is very much based around the large mythos of a super setting. In this character you have access to the higher powers of the magical worlds, gods, demons, and ancient sorcerer kings, and fairy lords can grant power to a mortal to serve as their champion in the world. So for this hero I will get to delve into the gods and the like and maybe have some fun with the bigger meta world building. And so without further ado lets begin with...

Mystically Bestowed Abilities

Step 1: Attributes
Attributes for this type of hero are a little different as there s a table you can roll on for how your character's baseline form is hindered. You can be old, or young, or dying, or crippled. So for this hero I will go with a kid. Her baseline form is only 14 years old. This means that she can only get 2 physical skills and her physical attributes max out at 14 in her baseline.

Step 2: Mystic Hero Type
The Mystically Bestowed hero has a number of choices available for powers. You can get  a bunch of spells or some super powers, or even a few spells and a few powers. For this I will be going with 1 Major Ability and two Minor plus Hand to Hand: Expert. I need to come up with a patron for her power. I think I will go with Babylonian/Mesopotamian deities for the god that empowers her. I think I will go with Anzu, the storm bird. I think for this one I will go with Alter Physical Structure: Lightning and a couple of minor abilities to add to her ability to dish out the pain. Maybe Anzu chose her because the servants of Nergal are on the move again, seeking to unleash the dark god once more. Maybe gods are too powerful to operate on the earthly plane without causing severe damage to the universe, so they must use servants and cats paws to get their will done.

Transformation Attribute Adjustments
+7 MA Minimum18
+7 PS Minimum 20
+3 PP Minimum 18
Spd x5(minimum 24)
+100 SDC

Alter Physical Structure: Electricity
Fire Electrical Ray Dmg: 1d6x10 Rng: 100 ft
Mini Lightning Bolt Dmg: 1d6 Rng: 100 ft
Lightning Bolt Dmg: 5d6 Rng: 300 ft
Electric Flight 1 mile at 300 mph
Generate Electricity
Impervious to electricity
Fire and energy do half dmg
+40 SDC
Flight: Winged(feathered)
160 mph
+2 PB
+1 attack
+2 Strike
+2 Parry
+4 dodge wen hovering or less than 80 mph
+6 dodge when over 80 mph
+40 SDC
Power Channeling
Increased damage with hand to hand attacks as you level up

Step 3: Skills
As she is only 14 years old  I think Street Schooled is the best option. She hasn't even started out in high school yet, so she is not schooled or learned. She knows she should help people, but is still just a child, when in human form. This doesn't represent her endpoint in knowledge, in fact if you wanted to have some fun, you could use the Teen Hero rules from Rifter #16, which I think are interesting and I may do something with them when I get to the end of this series. But for now. I think I will go with this as a basic back story. She wants to be a stage magician, and practiced for that a lot. She was always a big hit at the talent shows at school. Then something and occurred...lets say that the Cult of Nergal was trying to complete a ritual to wake the Minions of Nergal, they planned to use the life force of all the children in the school. She wandered into the ritual and messed it up. During that she made contact with Anzu and gifted with the power to save everyone.

Street Schooled
WP Knife
Computer Operation
Secondary Skills
Athletics +1 Parry/Dodge; +1 roll with punch/fall; +1 PS; +3 Speed; +5 SDC
Math: basic
Math: Advanced
First Aid
Card Sharp

Step 4: Finishing Touches
So we have the basics down. Our hero was going to school , She was getting ready for the talent show in eighth grade when she stumbled onto a vast evil cult seeking to bring back ancient gods of chaos. So it is all Mesopotamian and whatnot, which is something I have not seen explored much in comic books, so that will be fun.  Also a quick note, the SDC for this character makes no sense. So it says you get 1d6x10+30 when transformed and +10 in baseline. However it doesn't give you a baseline. And then at the beginning it says you get a bonus 3d6x10, is this on top of that initial 1d6x10+30? I have no idea how much SDC you start with, and by that reasoning, I have no idea how much SDC my character has. I can't find any errata on this. Does anyone know where it is?

Name: Rosana Najafi
Super Identity: Storm Eagle
Alignment: Principled

IQ: 11
ME: 11
MA: 11/18
PS: 12/20
PP: 11/18
PE: 11
PB: 11/13
Spd: 14/70(flying 160 mph)

HP: 14
SDC: at least 15 in baseline and at least 145 when transformed probably more than that, but I couldn't tell you what it is.

Streetwise; WP Knife; Palming; Pickpockets; Ventriloquism; Dance; Sing; Literacy; Computer Operation; Athletics; Prowl; Math: basic; Math: Advanced; Concealment; Art; Cook; First Aid; Card Sharp

Alter Physical Structure: Electricity
Winged Flight
Power Channeling

Rose was a pretty normal kid. Oh sure, she had her little idiosyncrasies-she loved stage magic and wants to be a magician when she grows up-but by and large she had a normal life. The talent show was coming up and she knew that this year was her year, the year she was going to blow them all away. While prepping for her act she saw a bunch of strange men and women heading into the basement. Her curiosity got the better of her. She followed them down. They were doing some strange chanting and drawing odd symbols on the walls and floor. And that's when everything went wrong. She slipped and fell into the middle of the room, and suddenly all the symbols flared up in bright light and time stopped. In the moment she met a god, and he explained about Nergal and the gods of chaos. He offered her a choice, to die here along with everyone she knew and loved, or to take the power he offered and save them all. She took the second choice and life has been a madcap adventure ever since.

And there is the Mystically Bestowed Power Category. She is not super powerful at first level, but as she levels up she will hit harder. Power channeling is pretty powerful over time. I like to picture it as a lightning aura around her fists and feet. It is pretty cool, but the SDC thing really bugs me. Also the errata is really missing a lot of useful stuff. It is a continuing annoyance. We are now through the Mystical heroes and I think it has been a fun ride. Next we will delve into the first of two Mutant heroes. I am looking forward to it.

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