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Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 14

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And now...
We are coming round to the end of the categories in the main book and we are through any category that gets super powers. Now we are on the first of two robot heroes. The first one here will be an android, and the second will be a mecha pilot. This one gets kind of complex, as it works like bionics except there are even more options.

Step 1: Determining a Budget
This one has the highest number available in the main book. As with previous budget concerns, I often see budgets on the higher end of the scale in play. I don't think I have ever seen a budget at the bottom of the scale. The budget spans between $9.5 million to $13.5 million. I will be going with the highest budget for this one, $13.5 million.

Step 2: Selecting a Robot Intelligence
only half of the robot types actually need to do this part. As I am building an a android, I will need to look into a robot intelligence for this awesome robot. There are three types available: Standard Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Artificial Intelligence, and Transferred Intelligence.  Transferred intelligence is interesting, as it allows a human pilot to transfer their mind into the robot when in use and take it back into their body when they are done. That is kind of spiffy. For this one I will be going with an Advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence: $3.5 million
+2 initiative; +1 to strike; +1 to parry and dodge; +4 to pull punch; +1 to roll with impact

Step 3: Selecting a Robot Body
Now we get to choose what our robot will look like. There are four types of robot body: Type 1 robot vehicle, Type 2 True Robot, Type 3 Exoskeleton, and Type 4 android. As this is an android, we will be going with a Type 4 body.

Step 4: AI Programming
For type 1 and 3 robots you can skip this step, as it is not all that useful. For this step you have special skill programs that only robots get. However you can only choose one skill program for your robot. I really think that it would be more interesting to have a bunch of extra programs and a cost for them, so you could buy skills for your robot. However for this AI I wlil be going with the Espionage Program.

Espionage Program
Computer Operation
WP Knife
WP Pistol
WP Rifle
WP Energy Pistol
WP Energy Rifle
Detect Ambush
Detect Concealment
Recognize Weapon Quality
Hand to Hand: Expert +2 attacks per melee +2 to roll with punch +2 to pull punch
Military Etiquette
WP Sword
+2 Roll w/ Punch
+2 Pull Punch
+1 strike with built in weapons

Step 5: Background Data
I think with this section I would like to revisit Project Longshot. We know they had a cybernetics program and it didn't quite work out. So maybe a faction within the Project decided a combat android would be more controllable. However they built its android brain too well and it started questioning things. Once it had access to the Internet it petitioned for recognition of personhood, and was granted it. Now the android is a free citizen, and has made a few enemies at Project Longshot. They could build more production models like this android, but that would be just as problematic as those androids would all count as human. Probably lots of shenanigans in Washington led up to and followed the android's declaration of rights.

Step 6: Robot Construction
Now we got to dig into making the robot. Buying its attributes and any cool features. There are a lot of options here, and in some ways it is easier than bionics, You do not have to buy PS and PP for the hands and the arms like in bionics, but for the arms on their own. So that is nice. I kind of wish that this was used in place of Bionics, though I think I see the logic of why the bionics section might have separate attributes for hands and arms. It is interesting, I cannot seem to find how to buy PP points for my robot, which kind of sucks. So lets get to buying cool stuff and build our sweet robot pal.

Body Style: Basic Human(reinforced frame) $1.4 million
Power Supply: Micro Fusion $5.3 million
Legs: Basic Human Legs(Spd 1100) $720,000
Arms: 2 human arms(PS 30  PP  ) $300,000+40,000
Audio, Optics, & Sensors: Advanced Audio System, Single Voice Synthesizer $390,000+$30,000
Advanced Robot Optic System $425,000
Targeting Sight(+1) $50,000
Motion Detector & Warning System(+1 initiative, +1 Parry/Dodge) $50,000
SDC: 265 $40,000
AR: 9 $300,000
Other Features: Realistic Skin Overlay $250,000
Real Head Hair $5000
Realistic Eyes $50,000
Sculpted Facial Features(PB 20) $150,000

That's one good lookin' robot.

Name: Assault Reconnaissance Gear Mark 1
Super Identity: Maximum
Alignment: Unprincipled

IQ: Unknown
ME: Unknown
MA: Unknown
PS: 30 Superhuman
PP: Unknown
PE: Unknown/probably doesn't have this as it is a robot
PB: 20
Spd: 1100(750 mph)

HP: Unknown/probably doesn't have this
SDC: 265
AR: 9

Computer Operation; Intelligence; Prowl; WP Knife; WP Pistol; WP Rifle; WP Energy Pistol; WP Energy Rifle; Sniper; Interrogation; Detect Ambush; Detect Concealment; Recognize Weapon Quality; Armorer; Military Etiquette; Climb; WP Sword; Hand to Hand: Expert

Initiative: +3
Attacks: 5
Strike: +2
Damage: +15
Parry: +2
Dodge: +2
Roll w/Punch: +5
Pull Punch: +8

Amongst the various research groups and black agencies that make use of Project Longshot there is a group that feels the greatest problem of their enhanced agents is the human factor. They set about to build a super soldier from the ground up. Maximum was born to infiltrate and to fight, however he had no desire to do wetwork nor rendition. Using a loophole in the law, Maximum was declared a person by the legal authorities, and now this faction within Project Longshot has been humiliated in the public square and any robot intelligence they build from here on out would also have full legal autonomy. Now Maximum lives with Calamity and Car Mage at the Garage, and sometimes helps them with their heroic activities. He has become something of a local celebrity as the first artificial citizen of the city. He even got ot vote in the last mayoral election. It made the local papers.

I am surprised by the odd missing bits for the robot heroes, as they are things that the bionic hero has. Its a little weird. Next post we will be dealing with a Mecha Pilot, so that should be fun. Missiles for days.

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