Friday, January 19, 2018

World's Strongest: Contest of Champions 3

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Pictured, problems with lifting stupidly heavy Weights
Strength tests are very difficult with super beings, many of whom can lift far more than should be physically possible. In the early years of the contest, the machines used often broke down catastrophically. Often there is an asterisk next to the names of the winners of the strength competition for those early contests. Luckily, after those early years, Asgard Technologies created and donated a machine for gauging strength that would work no matter the strength. Some conspiracy theorists claim that this move by Asgard is a method for Erik Larson, the CEO and Owner of Asgard, to figure out the weaknesses of the strongest heroes on earth. Of course, those are just paranoid ramblings. The device will increase its weight in increments and when the competitor has reached their maximum weight they must hold it for as long as they can. Often this day's competition gets less coverage than other days, but for the die-hard fans, its a fun day of watching their favorite heroes try to hold up more and more weight.

Breakthrough has a normal strength of 21 he manages to lift 840 lbs for six and a half minutes. He can boost that for a short period of time. for 15 seconds he can lift 1000 lbs. He will be gaining more powers as he levels up though, so expect to see more in future contests.

could be a machine that looks a bit like this one. 
Calamity has a PS of 22, though I am not sure what type of strength that is. The book does not specify, and trying to find an official answer online has kind of been making me a little nuts. I am pretty sure that her strength is at the very least Extraordinary, though I have seen some claims that full conversion borgs should get Superhuman. I will be going with Extraordinary for this one. She can manage 4400 lbs, and as she is a full conversion borg, she can hold that for an unlimited amount of time...I guess. Not bad, considering she is a ranged combatant mostly.

Her sister, Car Mage, demands to be next. She knows she won't win but like to ham it up for the audience, and the audience loves her for it. She has a normal strength of 11 and can manage to lift a maximum of 220 lbs for a total of just shy of 3 minutes.

Cavalier Rouge has a surprisingly high number of fans in the audience. Her signature red hod and cape do tend to draw attention. She has a normal strength of 22 and can lift 880 lbs and hold it for just over four minutes.

The Crimson Commando has an Extraordinary Strength of 27. He can lift 5400 lbs for 7 minutes total. A strong showing from the world traveling soldier of fortune.

Devil Fist has a normal strength of 20, but he can drastically increase it for short periods of time with his chi. For 15 seconds he can boost his strength up to 440. So for 15 seconds, he can lift 17,600 lbs. Not bad...not bad at all.

Enki is strong, but not superhuman. She has a normal strength of 21. She can lift 840 lbs for almost 5 minutes.

Spiderman, Spiderman, lifts his weights like a spider can.
Geostorm wraps himself in a stone exoskeleton and enhances his arms with earth. This puts his strength at supernatural strength f 42. He can lift 21,000 lbs for three and half minutes.

The Hammer of Heaven has a normal strength of 19 and can lift 760 lbs for four minutes.

Henry is a sponsor of the event, but he still keeps his hat in the ring, mostly for fun. He has a supernatural strength of 62.  He can lift 31,000 lbs and can hold it up for just over an hour.

The Hunter has a normal strength of 20, he can lift 800 lbs and hold it for four minutes.

Impact starts with an impressive supernatural strength of 82. As he approaches the machine he grows to his maximum size and strength. He stands at just over 41 feet tall with a supernatural strength of 118 lbs. He can lift 59,000 lbs. He can hold that weight up for 45 minutes. 

This is followed up by Inquest, who is not on the same level as Impact. He has a normal strength of 14 and can lift 280 lbs. He can hold that up for 3 minutes.

Maximum is a robot with a superhuman strength of 30. He can lift 9000 lbs and as he is a robot he can hold that indefinitely.

Megaton is a serious competitor and as she enters the field the whole crowd goes wild. She makes a quick circuit of the field at sonic speed and then steps up to the testing machine. She has a supernatural strength of 56. She also has the ability to manipulate gravity increasing her ability to lift far greater weights. Using all of her abilities she can manage to lift 2,800,000 lbs and hold that for 47.5 minutes. That is a ridiculous amount of weight. she can easily juggle tanks, city buses, or even blue whales.

Digital Weights, far better than analog. I think we can all agree.
Metal Marshal has a superhuman strength of 40 in her suit. She can lift 12,000 lbs forever, I guess as its a robot suit. I mean I guess eventually she will die of old age and the heat death of the universe would probably inhibit one's ability to lift things.

Mr. Shade appears in a flash of fire and smoke and steps up to the machine.  Tall and thin hidden beneath a concealing cloak. He has a normal strength of 30. He can lift 1200 lbs and maintain for just over five minutes.

Ms. Miracle has a supernatural strength of 57. She can lift 28,500 lbs for 87.5 minutes. That about what some fighter jets weigh.

Nemain has to set aside her various weapons before she starts her lift attempt. It takes a while. She has a lot of weapons. She has a normal strength of 26 and can lift 1040 lbs and hold it up for five and a half minutes. She is ridiculously strong for a "normal" human.

Nemesis has a normal strength of 20 and can lift 800 lbs for around four minutes. Without her gear, she is just not as impressive as some other heroes.

The Never Ending Cheery Cheery Death Machine backflips his way into the field and up to the machine. No one invited him and all the other heroes cringe when he starts going through them all, glad-handing and back-slapping. He has an extraordinary strength of 33(I probably should have gone with Superhuman strength, it would have been the optimal choice for this character, but I just see him as not being that competent). He can lift 6,600 lbs and hold it up for 57 minutes. That is about what a forklift weighs, or an empty cargo container. And he is one of the weaker super strong characters.

The Night Sheriff has a supernatural strength of 17. He manages to lift 8500 lbs and hold it up for 35 minutes. He can lift an SUV, though it would be a tough go of it.

Perdition has a normal strength, 14. She probably doesn't arm wrestle villains when she takes them down. She can lift 280 lbs and hold that weight for 3.5 minutes.

The Physician steps forward and doesn't even place his hands on the testing machine. Using telekinesis he manages 1300 lbs for two minutes. He can lift a speedboat with his mind.

Prince Hermon really gets the crowd going. After using illusion and trickery to make the audience believe he could break the machine with his mystic might he reveals it was a trick and then using his normal strength, 19, he lifts 760 lbs and holds it for four minutes. He does it with panache and style and everyone just eats it up.

Rats begin to boil up out of storm drains and sewer grates around the field and begin to coalesce into the vaguely feminine form of the Rat Queen. Everyone steps back from her as she moves up to the machine. She has a Supernatural Strength of 30. She lifts 15,000 lbs(a little more than a school bus). She can hold the weight, well she doesn't have a PE score, s I don't know how long she can hold it. Forever? Yeah, probably forever.

The Reciprocitor steps up, she does not look fully sure of herself. Her normal confident smirk is missing, she is not sure of her strength. Inquest has been working on her physical training, but she is still a young girl and this is an ominously large machine. She has a normal strength of 11. She manages to lift 220 lbs. She can hold it for just shy of 3 minutes. At the end, she is frustrated and panting with effort.

You need super strength to make sure a giant monster
does not steal your favorite building
As Seraph flies steps onto the field, her movements echo with a thousand hidden voices speaking in high Enochian of the hope that surpasses understanding. The crowd goes silent as she steps up to the machine. She has a supernatural strength of 34. She can lift 17,000 lbs and hold it up for 57  minutes. That's just shy of a garbage truck in weight.

Shedim does not appear to be happy following that display of angelic might. His demonic form causes him to shrink back slightly from this embodiment of his eternal enemy. He has a supernatural strength of 47. He can lift 23,500 lbs and hold it for 72 minutes. He does seem a little smug that he can out lift Seraph.

The massive lights over the arena begin to shower down sparks and arcs of lightning and Storm Eagle takes form out of the energy. She has a normal strength of 20 and can lift 800 lbs and hold it for almost 3 minutes.

Le Terasque has a powerful frame hidden beneath his fabled patchwork cloak. He steps up the machine and uses his supernatural strength(65) to lift 32,500 lbs and hold it for 37 minutes. That is like a Greyhound bus in weight. Powerful.

The Wanderer has a normal strength of 19 so he can lift 760 lbs for a total of 4 minutes.

The Whirlwind looks uncomfortable among these great heroes f the world. He tugs at his hoody and jeans. He had never felt so out of place, among the spectacle of professional heroes. He has an extraordinary strength of 28. He can lift 5600 lbs and hold up for four and a half minutes. That's a heavy Rhinoceros in weight.

Wrath steps to the machine like it owes her money. She has a superhuman strength of 44 all through her own training system. She has a lot to prove about the potential of the baseline human. She can lift 13,200 lbs, that is almost as much as a T-rex. She can hold that up for about 10 minutes.

At the end of the day, the clear winner is Megaton, with Impact at a distant second followed by the third place of Le Terasque. Man, that gravity manipulation power is just ridiculous when teamed up with just about anything. I mean, Megaton has easily outclassed every other hero in both speed and strength. With the end f the day award ceremony the hype begins for the main event. It is going to be the first round of the tournament. The next post will be the breakdown of how the tournament is going to go. It should be fun.

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