Saturday, December 30, 2017

World's Strongest: Contest of Champions 1

Heroes of Coast City: Impact, The Alien Renegade; Calamity, The Cybernetic Sniper; Megaton, Friendly Neighborhood Nuclear Warhead; The Whirlwind, a Fusillade of Fisticuffs; Car Mage, The Wizard of Wheels; Night Sheriff, The Sheriff of Shadows; Hammer of Heaven, The Daring Demon Hunter; The Wanderer, Precocious Practitioner of the Arcane Arts; Storm Eagle, Queen of the Skies; Breakthrough, Multi-powered Mutant Powerhouse; Mr. Shade, The Ninja Vigilante; Wrath, Mistress of Mayhem; The Physician, Psychic Surgeon; Maximum, The Machine Man; Metal Marshal, The People's Powerhouse; Devil Fist, the Fist of the Morning Star; Perdition, Implacable Justice; Nemesis, Sister Spy; Prince Herman, Magician Mischief Maker; Inquest, The Vigilante Detective; Seraph, Paragon of Protection; Le Tarasque, King of Undertown; The Rat Queen, Dark Goddess of Undertown; The Never Ending Cheery Death Machine; Henry, Immortal Barkeep; Reciprocitor, The Karmic Kid; Enki, Queen of Mischief; Geostorm, King of Quakes; Nemain, Goddess Of War; Cavalier Rouge, the Red Rider
Supers from Gatestone City: Hunter, the Elven Weapon Master ; Ms. Miracle; The Iron King of Asgard; The Crimson Commando
On the edge of Coast City, along a small inlet, sits the Coast City Grand Arena. Most years it is home to the three major sports teams of the city, every five years it is also home to the Contest of Champions, where heroes from across the city, across the nation, and even from around the world. The Contest began back in 1984 when the heroes who defeated the Sidewise Man. While they disliked the godlike being and it's obsession with seeing heroes fight to the death,  they did find the competition enjoyable. When Might Man suggested a competition for charity many of the other heroes signed up. To this day his Foundation For A Better Tomorrow has sponsored and benefited from the Contest of Champions.

Nearly a hundred thousand people come to the event every year, though maximum seating is fifty thousand. There are loads of protesters who come to the event as well as fans and various agents for the super heroic firms and scouts for the big government teams. It begins on the first day of February and each round of competition takes place on a different day. This year is a big deal. There have been more applicants to compete this year, and more new heroes than in any previous year. The judges have been pulled from well known heroes, and this year we have Five sterling heroes to judge the competition.

Razor is one of New York's oldest legends. Some say his name gets passed from father to son, while others claim he is some sort of vampire or immortal being. He is known for his powers over light and shadow as well as his signature goggles and maddening laugh. He was Mighty Man's oldest ally in the war on Crime and he continues the fight to this day.

Mystic Study
Level 10
Focus on Gun Fighting(has some gimick bullets for his specially designed pistols)
Has all spells related to controlling shadows and messing with people's minds and perception or crafting illusions.

Happy Happy is the last champion of the Contest, a Master of Martial Arts and the most famous hero in LA. He has several movies about his exploits(Fictionalized), as well as comic books and a series of highly successful video games. He is known for his smiling face mask and his cheerful demeanor.

Happy Happy
Physical Training
Level 12
Focus on Agility and Speed
Defensive and Fast Combat
Has an ally that makes him custom weapons and gear for protection and transport

Vargr is a hero who parlayed his fame into becoming an actor. He is attractive and charming in a surface kind of way. He is currently promoting his hit show, Part Time Werewolf. It is the story of a clerk at a mini mart who is also a werewolf and all the fun that come with that.

Mystically Bestowed
Level 2
Extraordinary MA
Night Stalking

Pierre is the world's foremost designer of superhero costumes, as well as being a leading fashion designer. He works with cutting edge materials and techniques to create costumes of great beauty and durability. He is als known to add features to costumes and even work on exsuits for various agencies and individuals. Everyone loves Pierre.

Hardware(Analytical Genius)
Level 7
Has all kinds of crazy gadgets and such

Horus is the son of Isis, leader of the world's largest Supers oriented religion. While his other believes herself to be a deity, Horus holds that to be nonsense, and has become a massive pop star. He has spent much of his life trying to get out from his mother's shadow. He has been trying to make some inroads into working as a superhero, but doesn't quite know what that entails. He has good intentions, but was raised by a goddess and was kind of spoiled.

Unknown Type
Level 5
Divine Aura
Sonic Power
Extraordinary PB

Horus has also changed the tenor of the protests outside the Arena. Normally the protests are a mishmash of many different anarchist, Anti Authoritarian, Anti Powers, and Anti Government groups. This year the majority of the protesters are members of The Blind, a group that dislikes supers, but only specific supers. They dislike any super that can alter how people think, feel, or that can take away the will or autonomy of normal folk. They are known for protesting in Blindfolds to cover their eyes, the window to the soul. They are organized into cells and they are surprisingly god at protesting anyone who they suspect as a compulsionist(their term for a mind bender).

The first completion of the Contest will be the speed competition, equipment is allowed. Stay tuned. It should be fun.

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