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Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 28

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And now...

Next up we will be hopping into another odd hero type. To be honest here, I am not sure I know what heroes from comic books this one is trying to emulate. I mean, the only symbiotic hero I can think of is Venom, but you can't really make him in this system. In fact it just makes you look really weird. It s an odd one, that is for sure. Anyway lets dig into the...

Symbiotic Hero

Step 1: The Eight Attributes
Elevens? Yep, elevens. Good times? Yep, good times.

Step 2: Hit Points & SDC
HP and SDC are still step two...that still makes no sense.

Base SDC 30

Step 3: Background and Abilities
There are a lot of different random tables here for your Symbiotic Hero. Some of them are really interesting and some less so. I am going to go with symbiote that came through a rift in space and time. And that it does not look like anything as it is within the bloodstream of the host. Bow, there are a number of options for how smart the symbiote is and how long it survives. However I will be going with a mineral based Symbiote, mostly due to the powers I see him having. As to what the symbiote eats to survive? I will go with electromagnetic energy, as that does not harm the host, and a lot of the other options harm the host. Now you get a random number of special abilities(not super abilities mind you) from being a Symbiotic Hero. I will be fudging the dice a little and assuming I rolled a four on a D4, mostly so I can have the most of these abilities. They are quite cool. Then I must roll for Super Abilities. I will be going with two major and one minor relating to elemental control or shaping. I am leaning toward some sort of earth control, and there are some pretty darn powerful options for that throughout the various books.

Where did the Sybiote Come From?
Symbiote appeared through a rift in space and time
Symbiote's Appearance
Tiny creatures in the blood
Symbiote's Intelligence
Symbiote's Food Source
Electromagnetic Energy
Benefits gained by the Host
Superhuman Strength +7 PS +3 SDC
Increase SDC +50 SDC
Increase HP +20 HP +2 vs disease
Increase Speed and Stamina +21 spd fatigues at 10% normal
Determining Super Abilities
Two Major Abilities and One Minor relating to controlling the elements
Geothermal Energy
Power of the Earth: AR 12 and superhuman strength when touching the earth
Create Mini Volcanoes: 1D6x10 per melee to everyone in 20 ft radius
Create Volcanic Pools or Streams: 2D6x10 per melee to anyone that falls in
Hot Sulfur Blast: 2D6
Lava Bolts: 1D6
Create Tremors: 1D6 to everyone in the path of tremor
Create Mini Earthquakes and Chasms
Create Geysers
Stop Geological Forces
Sensitive to Earth Vibrations
Impervious to heat, Smoke, Lava, Steam, And sulfur
Fire Resistant(1/2 dmg)
+17 SDC
Earth Possession
Limbs of Earth: Enhance arms with rock for Supernatural Strength
+1 Initiative
+2 Strike and Disarm
Possess Earth:
A) Stone Attack: Up To 2D6 Per Stone(One Stone at level one)
B) Earth Fist: 2D6
C) Earth Ripple: Knock people down, make the lose some initiative
D) Earth Roar: Opponent roll vs HF 14 failure means lose initiative bonus and one attack
E) Earth Shield: Summon a small wall of earth for protection
F) Earth Meld: meld with earth cannot be hurt or struck
G) Firm Footing: does not fall down while walking on the earth or anything attached to the earth
Sense Surroundings: By holding some loose earth or pebbles can see through the earth
Create Earth Golem: Either a separate golem or a golem suit that acts as a super armor, variable stats depending what it is made of
Other Bonuses: +2 vs Possession +4 vs Elemental Magic +6 vs Earth Elemental Magic Can Hold Breath for 6 minutes +10 SDC
Alter Physical Structure of Limb: Crystal
+2D6 dmg with punch
Shoot laser: 1D6 dmg 100 ft rng

Step 4: Education and Skills
This is treated as normal so I need to come up with a cool idea for our hero. Maybe he was a test pilot/super spy who walked through to another dimension and accidentally gained a symbiote. I can work with that.

Espionage Program (Basic)
H2H: Martial Arts +3 Attacks +3 Roll w/Punch +2 Initiative +3 Pull Punch +3 Parry/Dodge +2 Strike/disarm
Detect Ambush
Wilderness Survival
Escape Artist
Pilot: Advanced Program
Navigation (Air, land, Water)
Read Sensory Equipment
Weapon Systems
Pilot: Motorcycle
Pilot: Truck
Pilot: Jet Fighter
Pilot: Helicopter
Secondary Skills
Athletics: +1 Parry/Dodge; +1 roll with punch/fall; +1 PS; +3 Speed; +5 SDC
Body Building: +2 PS; +10 SDC
Running +1 PE; +10 spd; +3 SDC
WP Automatic Pistol
WP Automatic & Semiautomatic Rifles
Basic Mechanics

Step 5: Alignment
I see this guy as a somewhat noble and upright citizen, so I am leaning toward Scrupulous.

Step 6: Rounding Out & Other Stuff
This is all the normal stuff we go through here. Rounding out the backstory and all that. I think we have a pretty interesting character seed already though so lets get to finishing this one up.

Name: Scott Savage
Super Identity: Geostorm
Alignment: Scrupulous

IQ: 11
ME: 11
MA: 11
PS: 21 Superhuman(42 in exoskeleton)
PP: 11(14 in exoskeleton)
PE: 12(14 in exoskeleton)
PB: 11(14 in exoskeleton)
Spd: 24(36 in exoskeleton)

Natural AR: 12 when touching earth(can increase with the right exoskeleton)
HP: 35
SDC: 128(will increase with exoskeleton)

H2H: Martial Arts; Detect Ambush; Intelligence; Wilderness Survival; Tracking; Escape Artist; Navigation (Air, land, Water); Read Sensory Equipment; Weapon Systems; Pilot: Motorcycle; Pilot: Truck; Pilot: Jet Fighter; Pilot: Helicopter; Athletics; Body Building; Running; WP Automatic Pistol; WP Automatic & Semiautomatic Rifles; Climbing; Swimming; Basic Mechanics

Geothermal Energy
Earth Possession
Alter Physical Structure Limb: Crystal

Scott was always a thrill seeker, from bungee jumping, to running with the bulls he did it all. eventually he ended up working for the government as sort of a freelance trouble shooter. They would have a situation and he would head in to see what was what. That was how he ended up spending a half an hour in another universe. Someone had found or opened a rift to another universe where the laws of physics did not work the same and they needed someone to head in and take some readings. Enter Scott. While there he encountered microscopic silicon life. It was not intelligent and granted him amazing powers. After spending nearly a year in quarantine it was decided he was not a threat to all life on earth and he was set loose, though not completely. Now he serves as second in command of the special marshals service, directly under the Metal Marshal. As Geostorm Scott has saved a lot of lives, and finally found a career as exciting as he always dreamt.

We are getting close tp the end of the series now. I have a few ideas for what to do once I am done with creating characters, so don't worry about that. I am thinking the Contest Of Champions, a series where we test the strength, speed, durability, and flexibility of all these characters and see who come out on top. Very exciting. Next time, we will be delving into the last of the categories in Powers Unlimited 2, the Ancient Weapons Master. Should be fun. Stay Tuned.

Also +Megan Bennett-Burks and I just finished a Kickstarter for A Far Off Land, A Fate RPG in Two Worlds. It is a game about special people chosen by Eldritch beings to travel between the worlds and protect or destroy both. They are shape shifting masters of primordial magics, and they hold the fate of two worlds in their hands. If you missed the kickstarter and would like to check out the game, you can still get it. Check out the Beta Document.

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