Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 19

Previously on World's Strongest: 
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And now...

We have quite the universe building up around these heroes. I am liking the look of things. We have two major cities, Coast City and Gatestone There are also a number of Power Brokers, Hidden Conspiracies, Criminal Organizations, and Secret Cabals. We even have one master villain in charge of a mega corporation. All in all this project has really shown some dividends(If i know what that means, and I will pretend I do). So onward we go. Last time I said that there was only one character type remaining in the main book. However it was pointed out to me that there was in fact two types left in the book. For some reason I forgot about the super sleuth. Not sure how, it is one of my favorite character types(despite its complete lack of power). Basically that is  The Question as a class, and I love me The Question. Anyway, sorry about accidentally lying to you all about the number of classes in the book. Onward to our next big hero...

The Stage Magician

Step 1: The Usual
like all the special training types, this one grants some minor bonuses to the characters attributes. I will be starting with elevens in all the attributes though, I would not recommend taking any of these classes without having much higher attributes. A high IQ is of particular importance as it will grant a bonus to all skills and these character types are very much based around their skills.

+3 MA
+3 PP
+2 PB
+30 SDC(this is the base SDC, I am pretty sure)

Step 2: Education & Skills
Stage magicians also have a different method of skill choice than the standard hero. They have a set of skills based around being a stage magician. Yep, in a world where real magicians can shoot lighting, summon demons, and travel between dimensions we have a guy who's sole unique power is juggling. On the plus side this section does have the rules for the penalties for trying to palm things, pick pockets, and wriggle free of chains, cuffs, and ropes. Why that is not listed in the skill section, I could not tell you, but it is here. I have said it often, "Palladium's system isn't terrible, they just need a proper editor." Another interesting fact is that some of these skills have odd modifiers attached, where is specifies why you have the skills you have. Does that mean that when you are not doing a trick or making things you can't use the skill, or is it to justify the skill use because the playtesters didn't believe that these skills shouldn't be part of this class? The deeper I get the more questions I have about the playtesters.

Common & General Skills
Pilot: Automobile
Pilot: Truck
Mathematics: Basic
Speak Native English
Read and Write English
Speaks Latin
Sleight of Hand Skill Program
Card Sharp
Pick Locks
Pick Pockets
Illusion & Magic Skill Program
Escape Artist
Imitate Voices/impersonation
T.V. & Video (for illusions & tricks)
Surveillance Systems (for illusions & tricks)
Chemistry (for making stuff)
Physical Program
Boxing+1 Attack, +2 Parry and dodge, +1 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +10 SDC
Gymnastics+2 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PP, +2 PE, +7 SDC
Acrobatics+2 roll w/punch, +1 PS, +1 PP, +1 PE, +3 SDC
Wrestling+1 Roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PE, +13 SDC
Secondary skills
Running +1 PE; +10 spd; +3 SDC
Athletics: +1 Parry/Dodge; +1 roll with punch/fall; +1 PS; +3 Speed; +5 SDC
WP Targeting +1 strike with thrown weapons
WP Archery & Targeting
H2H: Martial Arts +2 attacks/melee; +3 roll with punch/fall;+2 initiative; +3 pull punchSpecial Skills
Sleight of Hand
Contortionist +2 Roll w/Punch
Juggling: Five attacks per melee with a thrown weapon. +1 to strike with any thrown/missile weapon. +1 to parry. Up to six objects/items juggled at level one.

Step 3: Gimmicks & Equipment
The magician does get some specialty items that are somewhat unique to them(though I don't see why the rest of the classes couldn't also get these items if they had the money or skill. This does grant some cool stuff though, and I think it is worth bringing up some of that stuff. Also you get a budget for it, and as normal I will assume we got the maximum amount of budget($60,000). 

Tailor Made Clothing: custom suit designed with many many hidden pockets for small flat tools and the like. so he always has room to hide a small thing. A lot of this item is justification for why you might be able to do something or have something with you.
Belt Buckle Compartment: Also cool, also a justification for having cool things on hand.
Belt with secret lining: OK so why does a belt need two separate types of hidden compartments? That seems needlessly fiddly.
Then there are a bunch of smoke bombs, itching powders, and flash bangs: that are really quite spiffy and useful in different ways. Like itching powder and flash bangs both effect your opponent's initiative, flash bangs have a larger effect but are instant, itching powder is less powerful but lasts for hours.

I also think it would be cool if used a bunch of boomerangs and steel throwing cards which would be cool. I just think he would be cool with all sorts of "silly" items are his weapons of choice.

The more I read through these character types the more I realize that the rules for gadgets and gizmos are about two or three iterations away from being really cool and interesting. Instead we get stuff that makes little sense, but seems to be cool. I guess I just wish there was more. Like in Century Station and Gramercy island they have a bunch of special training heroes who have really cool toys, but no explanation on how they are made or even how much they would cost. It is upsetting to me. 

Other Stuff
Again this goes through alignment and finishing touches for the character. Now I have to come up with a back story and and all that stuff. I think I want this hero to be part of a lineage of magician folk heroes. I think I will have him be the descendant of Black Herman, who is a pretty neat magician from back in the 20's. I would suggest reading up on him as he had an interesting life and had some fun political and religious views. 

Name: Benjamin Rucker III
Super Identity: Prince Herman
Alignment: Unprincipled

IQ: 11
ME: 11
MA: 14
PS: 19
PP: 16
PE: 16
PB: 13
Spd: 24

HP: 19
SDC: 72

Pilot: Automobile; Pilot: Truck; Mathematics: Basic; Speak Native English; Read and Write English; Speaks Latin; Card Sharp; Concealment; Palming; Pick Locks; Pick Pockets; Prowl; Seduction; Dance; Disguise; Escape Artist; Imitate Voices/impersonation; T.V. & Video; Surveillance Systems; Chemistry; Boxing; Gymnastics; Acrobatics; Wrestling; Running; Athletics; WP Targeting; WP Archery & Targeting; H2H: Martial Arts

Special Skills
Sleight of Hand
Contortionist +2 Roll w/Punch
Juggling: Five attacks per melee with a thrown weapon. +1 to strike with any thrown/missile weapon. +1 to parry. Up to six objects/items juggled at level one.

Special Gear
Custom outfit with secret pockets full of lock picks and various powders and smoke bombs.
Custom steel throwing Cards that work like throwing knives.
Bullet resistant lining(not listed in this book, but I have to assume he would find a way to get some)

Initiative: +2
Attacks: 5(or 5 if you are throwing things, which he does)
Strike: +1(+3 with thrown weapons)
Damage: +5
Parry: +4(+6 when using his throwing weapons to parry, not sure how that works, but there you are)
Dodge: +4
Roll w/punch: +9
Pull Punch: +2

The descendant of a contemporary of Houdini, Black Herman, Prince Herman is a rising star in the world of magic. Even at the age of twenty he has worked Madison Square Garden and several Vegas shows. He came to magic easily and naturally, coming from a long line of magicians. Things went well for him until the Mob came to him and tried to shake him down. Through clever tricks and outright mockery, Rucker drove off the thugs, and discovered a new joy. Now he spends his weekends doing shows and hi weeknights using his expertise to fight crime. He has made Coast City his home town as it has legalized gambling and its casinos are seeking talent to rival Vegas and Atlantic City. He has gone up against the Luen Group Triad who have made major inroads into the gambling underworld. He has also gone up against the Russian mafia. He thinks this is all a bit of a lark, and criminals have learned to be wary of the masked magician with the booming laugh, who seems incapable of dying.

And there we go, the second to last hero type in the main book. I think he turned out quite neat, even though on paper he doesn't have much combat power. Let me know what you think. Next post we will be delving into the last(for realsies this time) character type in the main book, The Super Sleuth.