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Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 20

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This world is getting complex and interesting. I am liking it more and more. It has been a rough day so I need something kind of fun, to get me through it. Now we are moving into the final character type in the main book of Heroes Unlimited. This one is a neat idea, but like many in the Special Training category it kind of blows in any straight up fights, and the rules for the game don't really allow for conflict or activity outside of combat. This leads to a lot of games being about combat, or the GMs for games having to-essentially-invent whole systems to allow non combat characters to matter. Now with that out of the way lets dig into the...

The Super Sleuth

Step 1: The Usual
This character is primarily based around his intellect so I will be increasing the IQ to 20, the rest of the attributes will be at 11, as normal. Also this class has some attribute increases that come with it.

+1 IQ
+3 ME
+2 MA
+40 SDC

Step 2: Education & Skills
Like the other classes in this category the Sleuth also has its own set of skills rather than the normal method of gaining skills. In this he is focused around detecting an the like. Also there is a choice to make here. You can get a free skill program of your choice at the end of the normal ones, or you can forgo that and take a bunch of psychic powers. I am going to go with the psychic powers on this one. The class does have some interesting special skills, it is here that you will find the rules for penalties and how much time it takes to hack a computer.

Common & General Skills
Pilot Automobile
Pilot: Motorcycle
Mathematics: Basic
Speak English
Read and Write English
Speaks Japanese
Detective/Law Enforcement
Hand To Hand: Expert +2 attacks per melee round. +2 to roll w/punch, +2 to pull punch
W.P. Pistol
Radio: Basic
Computer Operation
Criminal Science (doesn't include Forensic Medicine)
Law, General
Surveillance Systems
T.V. & Video
Rogue Skill Program
Find Contraband
Pick Locks
Safe Cracking
Secondary Skills
Running +1 PE; +10 spd; +3 SDC
Athletics: +1 Parry/Dodge; +1 roll with punch/fall; +1 PS; +3 Speed; +5 SDC
Body Building: +2 PS; +10 SDC
Speak Spanish

Special Skills
Computer Hacking
See Through Disguise and Forgery

Psionic Powers
Object read
Speed reading
Total recall
Sixth sense
1d4xl0 I.S.P. plus the M.E.

Step 3: Equipment
IN this you get a budget to buy supplies. However this class has no special gear that comes with it, so you can get anything with it. That in mind I think this character will have a Brownstone that he converted to an office and home. I think also a bunch of computers and the like, as Hacking is a big part of this character.  Also I think a cool secret garage, like in the Green Hornet would be spiffy.


Other Stuff
And now we do the finishing touches on this character. I see him as a man who lives in interesting times. He has seen the conspiracies in the world, and because this is a superhero universe those conspiracies are very much real and omnipresent. Currently he is trying to take down Asgard Technologies.

Name: Douglas Agnar
Super Identity: Inquest
Alignment: Unprincipled

IQ: 21
ME: 14
MA: 13
PS: 14
PP: 11
PE: 12
PB: 11
Spd: 24

HP: 15
SDC: 58
ISP: 34

Pilot Automobile; Pilot: Motorcycle; Mathematics: Basic; Speak English; Read and Write English; Speaks Japanese; Hand To Hand: Expert; W.P. Pistol; Radio: Basic; Computer Operation; Criminal Science (doesn't include Forensic Medicine); Law, General; Intelligence; Interrogation; Research; Surveillance Systems; T.V. & Video; Find Contraband; Streetwise; Pick Locks; Safe Cracking; Running; Athletics; Body Building; Climb; Swimming; Speak Spanish; Computer Hacking; See Through Disguise and Forgery

Object read
Speed reading
Total recall
Sixth sense

Doug has always seen the patterns that others scoffed at. He could gather information on subjects others never even  As he grew up he used this innate connection to the truth to make a small fortune in the stock market. Using his money he set himself up as a Private Detective. When the police or heroes are at a loss they call in Inquest, Vigilante Detective. As he has gone along he has found many seemingly unrelated threads and in pulling them has seen that the Mega Conglomerate Asgard Technologies is up to many strange and illegal activities. Inquest has yet to figure out why, but he has begun to scrape away the layers and is starting to freak out a bit, they are in everything. They control congressmen and senators. They are heavily  involved in all sorts of civic projects. Even some of the police and heroes are in on it. He does not know who to trust. Now he seeks the heroes who are not connected to any official agency or even ones declared criminal. He knows that Asgard is up to something bad, and their time table is accelerating. He must do something.

And there you go. We are now through all the categories of hero in the main book of heroes unlimited. We have also built a pretty spiffy world for play. Next we will continue the series with the beginning of Powers Unlimited 2(anyone else notice the short version of the title is PU?). We will be digging into the Empowered Hero. Fun. Fun.

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