Thursday, December 7, 2017

Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 26

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And now...

It has been brought to my attention that many of these heroes I have been making have been of the super abilities type. Now, there are a few reasons for this. Firstly Supernatural strength is really powerful when at a pretty high level, but you need to have your punches connect to do that damage. Secondly the fighting system really favors hand to hand over ranged combat, so often it is best to go the simple route and just get the bigger numbers and focus on hand to hand fighting. Of course that might not be true, as the rules for ranged combat are contradictory and all over the place. Can you use your Physical Prowess bonus to strike with a gun? Does your WP with a gun add anything beyond the basic +3/+1 aimed/burst rules? Some rules say yes, some...say no. Then comes dodging ranged weapons, how does that work, is it just a -10 from your total dodge bonus, or is it a flat roll with the -10, or is it a flat roll? hand to hand is much simpler and better explained. Finally I just kind of like heroes who run fast and hit hard. Not sure why, I think it stems from my love of Heracles and Superman. Anyhow, In this post I am going to try and step out of the rut I inadvertently stepped into and make a hero of great power with odd powers and unique abilities. I hope. Here we go. Let dig into the...

Super Invention Hero

Step 1: The Eight Attributes
For this hero I really wanted to make her special, and I want her to be the inventor of the device. For that reason I will be maxing out her intelligence. She will be the smartest you can be. We will set her IQ at 30 for this. Elevens across the board with the rest. I know it is kind of cheating, but it will be fun and doesn't really alter her combat abilities.

Step 2: HP and SDC
The base SDC for this category is 20. If you make some other choices later it could affect this base, but we won't worry about that here.

Step 3: The Super Gizmo & Powers
She has a powerful device, one that steps beyond the laws of physics as they are known and taps into powers beyond the minds of mortal men. There are a bunch of questions that get answered through the rolling of percentile dice. There is a shocking amount of options available here. I would love to be able to use this as the basis for the pilot background data for the robot hero of a type. Anyway, I see this device as working through the vagaries of the linkage between matter and energy, ideas even more fundamental and vague than the four fundamental forces. Of course that is all just words put together to sound somewhat convincing in a cursory glance by the layman(which I mostly am). Anyway it basically makes her invulnerable to most types of damage and allows her to redirect that damage back at her opponents. If they are not hitting her with a big enough force she can wind up and use the stored energy through her fists and feet to strike with tremendous force. I think she also uses that energy to form disks of pseudo-matter that lets her fly about and have her zany adventure.

Sponsoring Organization: Independent the character invented the item
Who is the Character: The Inventor
Motive for Inventing the Device: To be a super hero and help people
Physical appearance and SDC of the Gizmo: Arm Bands 250 SDC AR 15 each
Power Level of the Super abilities: Equal to Eighth Level
Super Abilities The Gizmo Instill: 2 Major Super Abilities and 2 Minor
Repairing the Super Invention: Can be repaired at minimal cost
Re-Channel Kinetic Energy
+2 to strike with all re-channeled energy
Impervious to all Kinetic energy and Physical attacks
Re-Channel and Expel Energy
Impervious to pure energy(Lasers, Energy Expulsion, Particle beams, Ion Weapons, Plasma, Fire, and Electricity)
Half damage from energy based magic and psionics
Power Channeling
Body Tackle: 1D6+7D4
Head Butt: 4D6
Punch: 8D6
Power Punch: 6D6x2 uses 4 actions
Kick: 9D6
Jump Kick: 9D6x2 Uses all actions
Flying Force Disk
Small as a Frisbee or up to 40 ft diameter
Speed: 400 mph
400+(30xME) lbs
Max height: 1600 ft
SDC of Disk: PEx10
+2 dodge while in flight
Damage as a weapon: 1D6+4 rng: 950 ft

Step 4: Education and Skills
As the inventor of the device she counts as a Hardware: Electrical Genius. Basically I need to jump over to the main book once more and get skills from the Electrical Genius type. I do not get the budget or the gadgets at the start, as all of that money was spent on building the device. I also see her as a child prodigy who gained a PHD at a very young age. I think it might be fun to have almost no physical skills and being kind of a kid genius type who doesn't really know what she is getting into.

Electrical Genius Skills
Electrical Engineer
Read Sensory Instruments
Surveillance Systems
Optic Systems
Computer Operation
Computer Programming
Radio: Basic
Basic Mechanics
Mathematics: Advanced
Mechanical Program (General)
Mechanical Engineer
Basic Electronics
Science Program
Computer Operation
Advanced Mathematics
Chemistry: Analytical
Journalist/investigation Program
Computer Operation
Surveillance Systems
Writing (Journalistic Style)
H2H: Basic +2 attacks +2 to roll with punch +2 to pull punch
Radio: Basic
Auto Mechanics
First Aid
Recognize Weapon Quality
Special Electrical Skills
Hot Wiring
Computer Hacking
Electronics Construction

Step 5: Alignment
I see her as being very ethical and sincere. She is like a lot of teenagers, full of certainty and hope. She shines brightly. Maybe, she works with Inquest. Learning the superhero ropes while serving as his muscle on the off chance he gets into more trouble than he can handle.

Step 6: Rounding out & Other Stuff
You don't get much money or anything as most of that was spent getting the device working and the like. Finishing up the character should be a cinch at this point. Fun fun.

Name: Gabriela Młynarz
Super Identity: Reciprocitor
Alignment: Scrupulous

IQ: 30
ME: 11
MA: 11
PS: 11
PP: 11
PE: 11
PB: 11
Spd: 11

HP: 14
SDC: 20

Electrical Engineer; Read Sensory Instruments; Surveillance Systems; Optic Systems; Computer Programming; Radio: Basic; Basic Mechanics; Mathematics: Advanced; Mechanical Engineer; locksmith; Computer Operation; Advanced Mathematics; Chemistry; Astrophysics; Astronomy; Chemistry: Analytical; Research; Writing (Journalistic Style); H2H: Basic; Radio: Basic; TV/Video; Auto Mechanics; First Aid; Recognize Weapon Quality; Streetwise; Sing; Swimming; Climb; Hot Wiring; Computer Hacking; Electronics Construction

Gabriela was beyond gifted. Graduated high-school by age 8, first PHD by age 12. She delved deeply into both the practical and theoretical sciences. She became obsessed with the nature of energy. It vexed her. She could measure it, shape it, transform it, yet she could not define it. No one could. The nature of matter and energy and their connection eluded them all. Finally on her 16th birthday she made a breakthrough, she found the connection-at least partially. With her breakthrough Gabby found many unique new phenomena to play with. She could have made a fortune with her discoveries. She could have been beyond Einstein and Newton, in fame and honors. But Gabby was something no other luminary had been. She was a 16 year old girl, and she loved super heroes. She spent her time and resources on building a gadget that would take advantage of her understanding of mass and energy. After her first few forays into super heroics she almost died. She was Saved by Inquest, who has taken her under his wing and is training her in the ways of the detective. Now she stands as a powerful and renowned superhero who consults with the Special Marshals office, serving as a technical expert and a humanoid wrecking ball. She is Reciprocitor, the Karmic Kid. When her powers are activated a shimmering field of bizarre energy in unnatural purple and green energies flows continually around her. Many the criminal has learned to fear the ominous hum of her flying energy disk.

There you go. A character with strange and terrible powers that bend the fabric of reality around her. When she fires it up evil beware. I hope this one was interesting and unique. I really to hat thinking that I could be stale. I won't be going with the minor hero, for much the same reason I did not go with the mega hero. It is not a category in and of itself, but merely an adjustment of the other categories.  Next up we will be digging into the Natural Genius. It is one of the more unique and interesting categories.

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