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Heroes Unlimited: World's Strongest 4

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And now we move onto the other type of Experiment, the Super Soldier. It originally started out as a sub type, but then in Powers Unlimited 2 it became its own category. So I will be jumping into the Super Soldier here rather than later. I will probably do this with each of the Categories that have sub categories. I will do a character for each one of the sub categories. That make make this project last a little longer, but I think it will let me explore the idiosyncrasies of the rules in a little more depth. We'll see how it goes. Now lets get to building. I think I can get really crazy with this one. Lets have some fun.

The Super Soldier

Step 1: The Eight Attributes
All start at eleven. We good? Good, glad we got that covered. I know it is a bit of a shock at this point, but I trust you can handle the news. I do sometimes think that the players in Kevin's games must have all had inordinate amounts of luck in rolling attributes. I mean, why have rules for attributes going to 30 and beyond, how often did that happen? Also why only grant bonuses to attributes beyond 16? Why are their no penalties for low attributes? What were those original play test groups like. I have hints and clues, but they must have had some serious min maxers(and probably cheaters) in those games. Guys who would make a magic user and then try and load them up with cybernetics, that sort of thing.

Step 2: Hit Points & SDC
I don't know why this is here. It really should be one of the last steps not one of the first. You hit points are based on your PE which can change as you make your character. Also you will probably gain more SDC as you make your character too. It just always struck me as an odd place to put this step.

Step 3: Background Data

Alright in this I get to make up another secret organization that makes super heroes. So the organization that sponsored his super soldier experiment was a Secret group dedicated to criminal and nefarious purposes. I think maybe it is a research group for a supervillain of some sort, part of the villain's network of villainous cells and organizations. He was loaded full of special chemicals to enhance his abilities and it worked. He was mutant child kidnapped and experimented on. He was the first successful test subject, though he suspects they will be able to duplicate the project with 4-6 years time. He managed to escape the organization, and now they hunt him because in his body lies the secret to duplicating the effect.

Sponsoring Organization: Secret(The Ouroboros Group)
Motive: Criminal
Nature of Procedure: Chemical
Nature of Test Subject: Mutant
+2 PS
+2 PP
Roll once on mutant unusual tables: Ambidextrous
+1 attack
+1 Parry
Current Status with Organization: Rogue Agents secretly hunted by the group
Replication: A successful attempt needs 7 more years to duplicate.

Now it is time to pick the type of super soldier he will be. I have to choose between super powers, being a Crazy(from rifts, replicated here), a Juicer(also rifts, also replicated the rules in the book), or getting your skeleton replaced with robot parts, basically a metal skeleton and some other cool features. While those last three are all pretty OP, especially the endoskeletal replacement. That one can get pretty tough. However for this one I will be taking the super powered option. I took 4 minor powers: Extraordinary Physical Prowess, Radar, Lightning Reflexes, and Physical Perfection. The last two are from Powers Unlimited 1, which is a really handy book. I would recommend it, especially if you are going to be playing a character with a bunch of minor powers.

Extraordinary Physical Prowess
+5 PP
+7 spd
+1 attack
+3 Automatic dodge
+4 Initiative
+2 Parry and dodge
+2 strike
+1 Attack
Lightning Reflexes
+3 Initiative
+1 Disarm
+3 Pull Punch
+2 roll w/punch
+5 spd
+1 attack
WP Paired Weapons
Physical Perfection
+2 MA
+4 Spd
+7 PB
+1 PE
+1 PP
+2 PS
+17 SDC
+7 HP

Now it is time to pick my Special Super Soldier options. I am cheating a bit here with this one. I will be making the call that I rolled a 4 on a 1D4 for the number of super soldier abilities. This is a bit of a stretch but it is likely to be able to happen and I can really break the game wit this and I want to see how far I can go with this. Mostly because I want to showcase just how much fun you can have with these options.

Increase Agility and Dexterity
PP to 22
+1 Attack
+2 Initiative
Automatic dodge
Attempt to increase Physical Speed
Triple speed attribute
+1 attack
+1 initiative
+1 dodge
+1 pull punch
-1 MA and PE
Mind and Body More Attuned
+1 attack
+2 Initiative
+4 vs HF
+1 vs poison/disease
+2 vs possession
Physical Transformation
+3 PS counts as extraordinary
+2 PE
+3 PB
+3 speed
+7 HP
+14 SDC

Step 4: Education and Skills
For this character type education works different than other characters. You can choose between a basic military skill program and a military specialist. I think I will go with the first one as that fits better with the character description I have been working with. SO he was kidnapped, experimented on and trained as a killer. He took exception to that and escaped in a sudden and violent manner.

Military Program(Basic)
H2H: Basic(due to getting the espionage skill program, I will use martial arts)
Running(+1 PE; +10 spd; +3 SDC)
Military Etiquette
Radio: Basic
WP: Rifle(I still think they mean automatic/semiautomatic rifle)
Military Demolitions Program 
Basic Electronics 
Basic Mechanics 
Demolitions Disposal 
Underwater Demolitions
Espionage Program
H2H: Martial Arts +2 attacks/melee; +3 roll with punch/fall;+2 initiative; +3 pull punch
Detect Ambush
Intelligence(spy stuff, super spy stuff)
Wilderness Survival
Escape Artist
Physical Program
Boxing+1 Attack, +2 Parry and dodge, +1 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +10 SDC
Gymnastics+2 roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PP, +2 PE, +7 SDC
Acrobatics+2 roll w/punch, +1 PS, +1 PP, +1 PE, +3 SDC)
Wrestling+1 Roll w/punch, +2 PS, +1 PE, +13 SDC
Secondary Skills
Athletics: +1 Parry/Dodge; +1 roll with punch/fall; +1 PS; +3 Speed; +5 SDC
Body Building: +2 PS; +10 SDC
Pick Locks
WP Revolver
WP Semi-Automatic Pistol
WP Sub-Machinegun
WP Heavy

Step 5: Alignment
This is the first time the Alignment has been its own step in this process. So I guess we could go through how ridiculous the alignment system in Palladium is. It is kind of divided along good and evil lines with people in the middle being self focused, but not bad. There are even powers and spells that deal with alignment, but the game doesn't really go through what alignment means in the game world. Like if I need to be good aligned to get a power, does that mean that I need to stay good to use it? Lets use a concrete example. To take Hand to Hand: Assassin I need to be an evil alignment. What happens if I change my alignment? Do I stop advancing in this skill or is it just needed to start learning it. Also, how do you change alignment? do you change when you break one of the rules for alignment, or is their some wiggle room? Also what do you change to? As I said, Alignment is a mess.

Step 6: Rounding Out & Equipment
There are a lot of cool extra features in these tables and they can make your character stand out and be awesome all day everyday(twice on Sundays). I see this character as being a hard core fist fighter, though he can definitely use guns and other weapons. SO I will make my choices here with that in mind.

Battle Armor & Hero Costume: None, wears civilian clothes(he is on the run, hero costumes would draw attention. Maybe he will get one later , but for now he goes civilian.
Special Weapons: Power Punch Gauntlet:  adds 4D6 to punch damage
Prototype Vehicle: Rocket Jump Boots jump 60 feet

Step 7: Other Stuff
Outside of his weapons and the like he has little to his name. He has been hiding out in abandoned buildings in Coast City for a a little while, but his nature has led him to helping some of the local homeless street kids with their problems. He is starting to get a reputation as a hero. He stands at the precipice of a great choice that will alter his life and the lives of those around him.

Name: Adam Smith
Super Identity: The Whirlwind(name given to him by the street folk who hide him)
Alignment: Unprincipled

IQ: 11
MA: 10
PS: 28 Extraordinary
PP: 32
PE: 18
PB: 21
Spd: 129

HP: 35
SDC: 112

H2H: Basic; Running; Climbing; Military Etiquette; Radio: Basic; WP: Rifle; Basic Electronics; Basic Mechanics; Demolitions; Demolitions Disposal; Underwater Demolitions; H2H: Martial Arts; Detect Ambush; Intelligence; Wilderness Survival; Escape Artist; Forgery; Boxing; Gymnastics; Acrobatics; Wrestling; WP Paired Weapons;
 Athletics; Body Building; Pick Locks; Swimming; WP Revolver; WP Semi-Automatic Pistol; WP Sub-Machinegun; WP Heavy

Powers & Super Soldier Enhancements
Extraordinary Physical Prowess
Lightning Reflexes
Physical Perfection
Increase Agility and Dexterity
Attempt to increase Physical Speed
Mind and Body More Attuned
Physical Transformation

Special Gear
Power Punch Gauntlet:  adds 4D6 to punch damage
Rocket Jump Boots jump 60 feet

Initiative: +14
Attacks per Melee: 12
Strike: +10
Parry: +14
Automatic Dodge: +11
Roll w/punch: +11
Pull Punch: +7

When he was just a boy Adam has few good memories. People always viewed him as something unnatural, he speed was too fluid and he always seemed to be able to to see far more than he should. People began to talk. They said he was a mutant, unnatural. Then one day, on his way home from school the 13 year old was kidnapped by the Ouroboros Group and subjected to horrific training and experimentation. By the time he was seventeen he was transformed into the perfect weapon for the Group. However on his first mission he balked and refused to kill. When the Group attempted to bring him under control Adam Escaped. He ran far and fast. Now he hides out in an old abandoned house in Coast City with some fellow runaways. While they may not have run from as much as he, they have problems too. He has tried to help out where he can, but Adam fears the reputation he is getting. They call him The Whirlwind as he move like the wind and strikes like a storm. He knows that soon Ouroboros will hear of his deeds and come for him.

And there sits our Super Soldier and, hoo-boy, is he fun. He has 12 attacks per melee at level one. That is super OP. He also auto-dodges which means that he only needs to use those actions for attacks. He can punch for 5D6+13 damage(with his gear) and he can do it 12 times a melee. He will most likely go first and will likely hit often. Let me know what you think. I think he is pretty cool. The next one will be a bit annoying, The Hardware Hero.

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