Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wild Blue: Loss of Patience

Yesterday I ran a game of Wild Blue for Fate Core. The players ranged from knowledgeable about the system and setting to almost completely ignorant of all of it.There was fun to be had, though there were a few false starts, and some of the people had real issues with google's interface.

We had a couple of issues in the game. The first issue we had was that in Wild Blue your power can expand/advance. However the text is unclear as to when this can/does happen. One of my players wanted to start out with an advanced power. I vetoed this, but I am unsure if that is how it was supposed to work.

The story revolved around a south western river town, called Patience. The town has gone completely silent. The PCs were new recruits to the Wardens. This was there first mission. They took a river boat upstream to the town itself. Arriving near dusk they find the smell of death on the air. While in the general store/tavern they are attacked by shadow creatures. They run the creatures off and discover they burn when exposed to direct light. They have locked themselves in the sherrifs office for the night. That is where we left it.

If you would like to watch, here is a recording of the game.

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