Monday, February 18, 2013

Space Opera: Things I may have missed

So in discussing my adventure design and world I realized there are a few things I have not added to the world that I need to. So in this post I will hopefully fix some of those issues, as well as add some more content to the universe of Space Opera. I also would like to add a few more planets and races as well as some notes on technology and some new stunts.

Space Ships
I have posted previously that I think ships in my game should not have a stress track. I still enjoy that concept the best. However I have been thinking on it and I will put an optional rule for stress tracks here. I will be calling the stress track Shields. This will be variable  amount depending on the quality and size of the ship. You average civilian ship has one Shield box. Military Vessels have between two and four Shield boxes. The primary skills used for interacting with ships are Pilot(piloting obviously), Technology(for sensors and ECM), and Firefight(for firing the big guns).

Hyperspace Gates
Faster than light travel is accomplished by using hyperspace gates. These are massive constructed circles in space. They create wormholes between them. the only other way to create a stable wormhole is to use a massive hyperspace engine. Hyperspace engines take up so much space that it leaves little room for a crew or cargo. they are generally used to arrive at an ungated system and begin construction of a new Gate. This takes a while as they have to manufacture much of the equipment in system. They will build a small gate that will allow a few work ships through. Those ship will then construct a proper Hyperspace Gate. Often those old smaller gates are decommissioned, but not always. some times they are forgotten like old subway stations. they become a secret way into and out of the system.

Esp is called many things by many species: psi, magic, wyrd, or many other things. Espers have formed a few philosophies and movements throughout the galaxies. The two most known and influential being the Deija Empire and the Pou'ah Priesthood. The Deija used to be a fringe cult in the Nonaligned Worlds. Thirty years ago they instigated a coup on a planet and turned that into the beginnings of empire. within the Empire only Espers can hold office, they believe that knowledge is power and Esp give them the most knowledge, therefore they should have the power. The Pou'ah Priesthood is the single largest organization of Espers outside of the Deija Empire. They are ostensibly a peaceful group of Espers seeking union with the greater universe. They will teach anyone willing to learn, so many people seeking power will join the priesthood just long enough to learn the secrets of Esp. Think of it like Shaolin Monks, where the nobles would send there kids to the monastery to learn the martial arts.

Stunts and Weapons
There are two weapons that are the icons of the Deija. The Nano-whip and the Slick Sword. Both of these require the Close Combat stunt, Deija Weapon Training.

(Close Combat)Deija Weapon Training: You are able to use both the Nano-whip and the Slick Sword without danger of harming yourself. This stunt also requires the Esp skill at +1 or greater to use.
(Esp)Predictive Combat: You can use Esp in place of fighting when using a Nano-whip or a Slick Sword.

Nano-whip: It is a line of ultra dense cable only a molecule thick with a small weight at the end. It is normally stored in the handle on a spool. with the flick of a switch the line extends and you can attack with it. When swung it tends to crack like a whip and it will cut through just about anything.
Weapon: 4
Slick Sword: This is a sword with a blade only only one atom wide. It has a core of iron or steel to give it mass. these swords can cut through damn near anything. they are not sheathed in a normal sheath. There are two varieties of sheath for this weapon. The first uses a magnet to hold the blade steady so that it does not cut right through. the other is a special hilt that locks into the sheath and keeps the blade away from the edges of the sheath.
Weapon: 4
Each of these weapons is very difficult to use. If you fail the attack roll you take one stress. If you fail the attack roll by three or more you do weapon damage in stress to you. Taking the training stunt

There were a couple of suggestions about the Sukar in my adventure. The first was if the Sukar were to capture the PCs what would they do? The Sukar are a vicious and xenophobic race that hates all  life not them. they are mixture of the Reapers, the Daleks, and the Mechanoids. They are hate and destruction wrapped in a metal shell and layered with more weaponry than a tank battalion.

The other question had to do with the stats and description of the Sukar. I would prefer to leave the stats of the Sukar up to the individual GMs running them. What I will do instead is give a few notes on ideas for special abilities for the various body forms of the Sukar.

Aspect: Flying Terror Machine
Aspect: Death Scream
They come in swarms of between five and ten. They use repulsor jets to hover and fly, it gives them a great deal of speed and maneuverability in the air. the normal high-pitched whine there is the roar of the jets, making for a terrifying sound right before the attack. They have the normal Sukar hexapod body type, each of the limbs is tipped with a weapon(ranged or close combat, up to the GM)

They have a flight ability which lets them use Momentum to fly. this allows them to create advantages relating to flight and ignore obstacles that flight would negate.

Aspect: Nearly Invisible to the Naked Eye
Aspect:  Lonely Assassin
They are the solo stealth specialists. they have a specialized skin treatment that allows for an active camouflage effect. they do not emit a high pitched whine as the other Sukar do. They also tend to be solo hunters with a great deal of autonomy. their best trait is stealth and they have the Back stab stunt, allowing them to use Stealth to attack when no one is aware of their presence. These should be serious threat to the player characters.

Aspect: Reanimated Horror
Aspect: Fast Attack Shock Troops
When the Sukar kill a non-Sukar they remove the head and replace it with a robotic "brain-box" that will cause the corpse to animate and they can control them remotely. They use them to soak up damage from the more dangerous threats(armies and such). It is also a terror weapon, as it is demoralizing to see the horrible leftovers of your fellow beings rushing down the field of battle toward you. They do not have much in the way of defenses, and their hands have been replaced with weapons(usually claws, though guns are possible). Furies do not have shields.

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