Sunday, February 24, 2013

Time Heroes: Beathoven is a Beast!

So two days ago I got to play a scenario for Time Heroes run by +Andrew Goenner the creator of the hack. The characters were all pregenerated. there were some interesting ones, a plumber from the future, and indiana jones knock off, a gunslinger, and all that kind of stuff. Looking through them I found a couple I liked and was about to pick the Janitor when I saw the last entry,
I. Am. Beethoven!

  Beethoven.That's right, how could I say no to a magic using fist fighting master composer, well I couldn't. I Talked with Andrew and made a few changes, I raised his fighting to three and lowered his will to two. I played him as a master of Capoeira. I saw him like the old Shaw brothers films style master, they had blind kung fu masters, I had a deaf Capoeira master. It works. No seriously it does. Why does no one believe me?

I kind of played him like a rage monster he was always intimidating always terrifying and always moving. The real issue was the dice were not with me during the game, I failed at damn near everything I did in that game. It was a comedy of errors, as they say.

I felt a little wierd, as I sometimes felt lik I was dominating the fiction, but the other player seemed to enjoy himself so maybe that was just me misreading the situation. There was a use of a Contest in the game and I think I may be finally starting to get them, we shall see if that turns out to be true.

Here is the recording of teh Game should you wish to watch it:


  1. Great post, Jacob. I'm glad you had fun; I had a blast too! Looking forward to gaming with you again sometime.

    1. Word. we could do a game called Beethoven Rides Again!