Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fate Core: The Sharn Codex pt 4

Big day in Sharn. The game started with a flashback to the heroes first mission. They explored an ancient ruin deep beneath the city. After a harrowing battle with automita they escaped with their lives. Back in the present, our heroes have gathered at the Glitterdust to discuss the case. One of Sim's contacts at Morgrave University shows up, terrified. He explains what the codex is, and then runs from the building. He is slain by a pair of Warforged who seek the book. Rantin causes some troubles and starts a fight with the warforged. The fight goes badly for the 'forged. One is dead and the otehr runs. Flint gives chase. The emerald claw get the drop on them all. Sim fakes them out with some clever trickery. after a bit, they discover where the codex is located. And that is where we left it.

This session things went well. We had a bit of trouble as Jordan had some family issues so he missed the first half of the game. We had to wing it a bit. Basically the first half of the session was a big flashback. There was a bit of a problem on what to do about the consequences that were inflicted in the flashback scene. I am lucky to have players who are a bit forgiving, so there was no real issue.

Here is the recording of the session.

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