Sunday, February 24, 2013

FATE Core: Important Links

I decided that I need a master list of all the Fate Core hacks I know of. Well, need is a bit strong, but I would like it. And I figured that if I would like it others may as well. I will be updating this as the weeks go by, so if you have a hack that I missed/don't have yet let me know. these are in no particular order.
Epub DOwnload of +Robert Hanz's Fate Thoughts of the Day.

Fate SRD site: Check it out!

1. Fate Core Cheat Sheet

2. Conflict Outline

3. Rob's Guide to Writing Good Aspects

4. Winner of the first Fate Core Contest

5. A discussion of Temporary Aspects that I think is useful

6. Discussion of Intent and Task

7. Fate Core Folio(iPad App)

8. Fate Core Cheat Sheet 

9. Fate Core GM Playbook

10. Fate Doesn't Have a Damage System

11. Fractal Adventure Design

12. Dresden Style Evocation

13. Fate Actions and Aspects Quick Reference

14. A discussion of consequences and how to fix them

15. Discussion of consequences and environment

16. Weapons, Armor, and Narrative Weight

17. Ideas for MHR's Doom Pool in Fate 

18. Cool thoughts on how to handle ancient lore

19. Secret Societies

20. Using Cortex+ Rules in Fate

21. Discussion of using Fate Core for Wuxia style action

22. A Spark In Fate Core

23. Fate Core Bestiary

24. Rob Discusses His GM Style

25. Discussion of Mind Control in Fate 

26. Rant on Magic in Fate

27. Modeling a dungeon as a character

28. Refresh when you don't have "sessions"

29. Discussion of scene aspects by Michael

30. Rob Talks About Create Advantage

31. Thoughts on using Stunts to alter the scale of an action

32. Discussion of "Bad Touch" Effects in Fate

33. Demystifying the Fate Fractal, and the Nature of Aspects

34. Robert's thoughts on Failure in Fate

35. Calibration: Dial without the Dial

36. David Goodwin's Social Mechanics

37. Thoughts on a Reputation Mechanic

38. Splitting Actions

39. Thoughts on Magic and Costs

40. Rules For Create Extra Action By Dan
 Create Extra Rules final

41. Goal Based Advancement

42. Setting up Sessions as Contests, a discussion

43. Discussion of Hacking Fate and what you use

44. A New Way To Handle Consequences

45. Character Creation as layered Template selection

46. D&D style Domain Management in Fate Core

47. The most impactful changes to Fate introduced in Fate Core

48. Discussion of Expertise skills in Fate

49. Using Fate and other RPGs in the classroom

50. Companions as stunts

51. Discussion of Spiffy Powers

52. The difference between Lying and Persuasion

53. Discussion on how to do research time in game

54. Interesting ideas on unwinnable fights 

55. GM Approaches

56. Robert has a discussion about Conflicts (as well as Contests and Challenges) as campaign/scenario-level pacing structures

57. Discussion About Healing

58. A pretty great discussion on consequences

59. Discussion of how to do low powered Urban Fantasy

60. Discussion of Fate Core Elder Scrolls

61. Fate Core Matrix Discussion

62. Discussion of Weapon Extras

63. Revisiting Power Tiers In Fate

64. NPCs can Concede

65. Poison and Disease

66. Contests with more than two sides

67. Active vs Passive opposition

68. Big Honking Discussion on Taken Out

69. Dan's thoughts on doing Horror in Fate

70. Another discussion on horror

71. Alternate Dice rolling Conversation

72. Ideas on implementing Wraith

73. Attacking with situation aspects

74. big discussion of specializations

75. Discussion of Rewards in Fate

76. Rob Wielands discussion on the beginings of a Shadowrun FAE hack

77. Rob asks a pertanent question

Character Sheets

1. Star Trek Fate Quick Play Sheet

2. Scenario Design Work Sheet

3. PDF and Source File For the Fate Core Character Worksheet

4. Form Fillable FAE Sheet 

5. FAE Sheet(French)

6. Steampunk Sheet

7. Fate Character Folio

8. Noir Style Sheet

9. Apocalyptic FAE  Fate Core

10. Pirate FAE  Fate Core

11. Fate Freeport Character sheet

12. Another Freeport Sheet

13. With corruption

14. Another Freeport

15. Scifi Sheet

16. A slightly different scifi Sheet

17. Post Apocalypse

18. No Exit Character Sheets

19. Vampire the Requiem character sheet

20. Cartoon Character Sheet

FATE Core Hacks
1. Time Heroes

2. The Island

3. Tekumel

4. TrekCore

5. Urban Fantasy

6. Steam Punk

7. Fate, Blood, & 7 Sins

8. Club Babylon

9. FATE of Earthdawn

10. Dirty Street Magic

11. Fate of the Five Rings

12. Tournament Magi Crash Orb-Scenario

13. Two Worlds

14. Mechwarrior

15. Apocolithic

16. Star Wars

17. Phaser Chase

18. Ravenloft: Masque of the Red Death

19. Fate Core NPCiary

20. Exalted

21. Farscape

22. Fate of the City of Doors

23. Grimm Tales

24. Star Trek Fate

25. Fate Core Fading Suns

26. Star Trek FATE

27. Robotech
FAE Version

28. In Nomine

29. Alpha Quadrant

30. Mythos Madness

31. Rainbow D6

32. Fate Amber

33. 500 Kingdoms

34. Dishonored

35. Ghost Busters Part 1 Part 2
A discussion of how to do ghost busters started by Rob
Ghostbusters Final

36. Transformers  Optimus Prime Bumblebee Arcee,   Wheeljack  Ironhide
Mostly Secret of Nihm Conversion to Fate

37. Into the Woods: Post apocalyptic fairy tale

38. Fate: Orchids and Steel

39. Some Thoughts on How to do Exalted

40. Gaslight

41. FATE: Black Amazon of Mars

42. Interesting Supers Hack 
Also V1.1
Also V1.2

43. Conan Red Nails

44. Fate: NCIS

45. Fate of Virmary(Tribe 8)

46. Fate: Apotheosis Drive X - Neon Genesis Cybertron

47. Basic Fate Fantasy

48. Fate: Blake's 7

49. FAE Moon Moon the Werewolf

50. Little Science Lab of Botanical Horror

51. Xeno: An FAE One-Shot

52. Fate Accelerated - PPV (Pro Wrestling Hack)  

53. Shining On The Battlefield 

54. Star Frontiers

55. Roozerball

56. Modesty Blase(my second favorite spy thriller)

57. Dresden Files Hack

58. ZOMBIES!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

59. Allomancy...the basics

60. Discussion on how to do the Matrix in Fate

61. The Infinite Lighthouse(bioshock Infinite)

62. Magic Of Krynn

63. Legends of Hyrule

64. Justice League(pregens)

65. Avengers(pregens)

66. Fate Core Secret of NIHM

67. In the Untouched Land of Gloriana

68. Mythos Skill for Fate Core

69. War of Souls(In Nomine Conversion)

70. Fate of the Galaxy:Starship Rules

71. ARIA Armor

72. Dinosaur Companion Extra

73. Care Bears FAE

74. Hijinx FAE

75. Magic:The Gathering

76. Dragonlance Fate Skills Dragonlance Fate Racial Stunts

77. Rogue Trader Fate Hack
The New version/link

78. FAE Tyranids

79. Classic AD&D Character Creation in Fate

80. Superhuman Adjective Ladder

81. Marvel Heroes Statted up in Fate and FAE

82. Dinosaurs

83. Shin Megami Tensei

84. Rules for Lost Civilazations

85. Schism

86. Rob Wieland's thoughts on Shadowrun

87. Fate of Amber

88. Werewolf Extra

89. Emporer's Nightengale an adventure for FAE

90. Adventure: Mountains of GUILT

91. Shadowrun Ten Archetypes for Fate Core

92. Street Part 1 Part 2

93. FAE Convention Sci Fi Pregen Characters

94. Fate LARP

95. Fate Core Glorantha

96. Fate Bestiary

97. Fate Exalted Conversion Rules

98. The Big Red Couch has some Fae and other Fate conversions check 'em out!

99. Fate of the Dragon Throne(Game of Thrones)

100. Accelerated Guard Mice Burning(FAE Mouseguard)

101. Extra: the Force

103. Psionics From Yesteryear

104. Fate Accelerated Doctor Who

105. The Crash Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

106. Magic The Gathering Fate

 107. Fate of Budayeen: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,

108. Fate of the Flat Track(Rollerderby! WOOOOO!): Part 1, Part 2 

109. Fate Xpanded(Work In Progress)

110. A discussion on doing Runelords in Fate

111. Bruce Baugh Discusses doing D&D 4th in Fate Core Part 1, Part 2

112. Yet another Magic System

113. Pathfinder Magic System

114. Star Wars Rise of Cthulu

114. Amazo

115. Fate of Kingdoms, Eave

116. Futurama Characters

117. Amazo...again!

118. Atlantians and Lemurians

119. know from the X-men...the comic!

120. Lost Magic

121. Star Wars...This time its personal

122. Another Rogue...stil from the X-men


124. Rob Wieland's FAE 7th Sea hack

125. Fate of the Fadeing Suns

126. Fate Star Wars

127. Serpents Fall 
 Part 2

128. Fate Accelerated Dungeon Delve

139. Biomes, and a FAE version

140. Fate 40K

141. Cybernetics


  1. Great list - thanks very much :)

  2. Whoa, didn't expect to see Shining on the Battlefield up there. :P

    If anyone could provide feedback on that I would appreciate it greatly. :)

  3. We were having a pretty good discussion about a Magic the Gathering hack on Google+.

    The problem seems to be that since threads are displayed only by the time they were originally posted no but those posting to it see the new posts. I might take this one to and try to wrangle more opinions and ideas.

  4. Wow! That's a seriously detailed list!

    At the risk of being a bit self-serving, you are missing part one of my FAE 40K posts (FAE Tyranids is part two):

  5. Thanks for including my Rogue Trader hack, although the address has now changed to:

  6. Thanks for the mention for Fate on the Flat Track... although I noticed my cyberntics hack got bumped off the list.

    One is on my personal blog and the other is on the official TSP dev blog.

  7. Has anyobe compiled the FATE SRD into a single document? The web site is great as a reference, but horrible as a basis to publish FATE-derived games.

  8. No, but if a website should be pretty trivial to scrape?

  9. <-- campaign in Warhammer 40k universe.

  10. Howdy! wonderful list!

    Could you add those please?

    Dungeon Delve (FAE)


    Biomes (FAE):


  11. Here's some additional stuff for inclusion, all for my Serpents Fall (Fate Accelerated Fantasy setting):

    Character generation & nation write-ups -

    World history -

  12. Here is great FEA hack for Fading Suns

  13. Star Wars hack evolves:

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Deleted last time as I had problems with my site. Here is my Shadowrun to Fate Core conversion (heavy): ShadowFate

  15. Question, wouldn't be better to have a shared Google Drive document so that everyone can add their ressources and keep the list up to date?

  16. Is this still active? I'd like to have this added to the list :

    The Art of Weaving - Strands magic

    Fate of the Nations


  17. For those interested, I've made a g+ drive document regrouping all of this list's links and which can be modified by everyone in an attempt to keep it as much up to date as possible!

    Here it goes :