Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fate Core: Aeon Trinity pt 6

The Abbies came for Danielle O'Dare, four of them. They weren't the big bads by any means, but they were going to kill her none the less, She slowly reached for her plasma pistol as the spiny oozing horrors moved in to surround her.  They had numbers and thought to use them against her. they were about to attack. She smiled.

As they charged her heavy barreled gun whipped in an arc. The grip connected with an Aberrant face as she spun out of the way. Two more of the monsters collided in the space where she had been. She tripped over a tail and fell into a roll. This put enough distance between her attackers and herself that she was able to fire off four quickly aimed shots. Without looking she knew that the fight was over. Luck, some would call it. She preferred skill. Of course she wouldn't turn her back at luck. 

There are some people who have no powers, no special abilities. Yet even with this apparent weakness, they stand taller than their fellow men. They seem to be luckier than most, always in the right place at the right time with the right skills. They are both  blessed and cursed. Cursed to live in interesting times. Blessed in that they can face that danger head on. They are the daredevils. Singular individuals with the skill, luck, and desire to walk where angels fear to tread.

Daredevils either are normal folk, just luckier than most, or the third evolutionary branch of mankind, able to bend probability to there unconscious desires. If they are baseline humans, they seem to survive and thrive in situations that kill all but Aberrants and Psions. If they are some type of evolutionary offshoot they are undetectable by any known method.

If you are not playing an Aberrant or a Psion, you will be a Daredevil. When you strt the game you ay want to disxuss as a group exactly what they are. Or perhaps you would like to leave that a bit of a mystery. Either way, it is good to know that ahead of time.

There are certain stunts that daredevils can take. Aberrants and Psions cannot take these stunts. Daredevils can only take one Daredevil stunt at character creation, and one at each milestone.Daredevils do not need to take a knack, but they are the only ones who CAN take a knack.

Death Defiance: Gain an additional mild consequence. Should you raise your physique or will to five, you gain an additional mental or physical(depending on the skill) moderate consequence.
Forgettable: gain a +2 to rolls involving blending in with the crowd. Any nameless NPCs automatically fail any roll to detect you.
Indomitable Will: When some one seeks to read or control you mind(via psychic or aberrant power) should you succeed with style on your defense roll you can choose to do two mental stress to that person rather than gaining a boost.
Navigation Hazard: On a successful pilot roll to attack(ramming, sideswiping, etc) you can spend a fate point to increase the level of consequence inflicted(mild to moderate, moderate to severe). If they would not normally take a consequence, they take a mild consequence.
Perfect Poise: You are immune to normal fear of any kind. You gain a +2 to any roll versus psychic or aberrant effects that cause unnatural fear.
Resilient: You heal consequence as if they were one level lower.
Untouchable: Nameless NPCs do not get a teamwork bonus against you.

During the course of designing the aberrant post I realized I needed a distance/time/mass scale. When they do something faster/further/larger it would be good to know, roughly, how much that was. So here is my first attempt at that. Let me know what you think.
  Time units/Distance Units/Mass Units
1 Second/couple of feet/handheld item
2 Minute/across the room/hold in two hands
3 Hour/across the city/Man sized
4 Day/City to city/twice man sized
5 Week/cross country/car sized
6 Month/continent/building sized

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