Monday, February 25, 2013

Fate Core: The Sharn Codex pt 5

Our heroes begin their investigation into the Giant's laboratory, hoping to get to it and gather it's secrets before the other factions can. They seek information from an information broker named Itch. Itch investigates and brings down the might of the Red Reavers upon them. The Reavers send the Butcher Brothers, three bugbear thugs, after Itch and by association the players. After a vicous fight Sim is down and one of the brothers is murdered in the street. The two remaining brothers flee the scene and vow vengeance. The players, after a bit of recuperation, the heroes make tehre way into the deep tunnels beneath Sharn.

So this week we had a scene where the villains really harsh to the players characters. And we got to play out a recovery scene. I am not sure how well it all went, we shall see. Here is the recording of the game, should you wish to watch.

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