Sunday, February 17, 2013

Space Opera: Silence Falls Addendum

After getting some feedback on my first adventure I realized there were a few things I could have done differently. I also had a few thoughts on the previous adventure I would like to add to it. So here goes.

So in the previous post the adventure follows the path of the heroes landing on the planet of Silence and dealing with the problems from that end. In this installment we will look at what might happen should the players decide to try and take out/board the attacking alien ship.

The mission itself will be quite a bit more difficult than the ground mission. That does not mean it cannot be done, just way harder.

The attack run
The players will have to come up with a plan to either board or destroy(or board and destroy) the Sukar Destroyer. Getting in will be difficult. Unless they can figure a way to approach with stealth or subterfuge the Sukar will see them coming. They can use stealth, Technology, or Deceit(make this a pretty high difficulty) to create an advantage. Reconnoiter and Investigation could also aid in this plan. Then you must actually get in close enough to dock with or attack the Destroyer.

Many of the rolls for this will be Pilot and Technology. This will start as a contest between the Sukar and the PCs. If the Players win without the Sukar gaining a single success, then they make it without a hitch. For Every Success the Sukar get in the contest that is either a chase(separate contest) or a combat that occurs.

Finding the Weakness
Provided the Players make it to the ship they have a couple of options they can attempt to destroy it directly. The ship has six stress boxes and the standard consequences. It also will disgorge fifteen fighters a round to attack the player characters.This is not an optimal situation. The players can discover an obvious weakness, the armor plate does not cover certain parts of the ship. It defends with its armor skill, this skill is two higher than the highest pilot roll of the player characters.

Docking with the ship will require a very difficult Technology overcome roll, as this ship is a complete unknown and the technology in it is ancient. If the players succeed with style, no problems. If they succeed normally, the ship takes a minor consequence. If you tie the ship takes a minor consequence and the ship gains a free use of a new advantage(Alert to Intrusion) that will stay on the Destroyer for the rest of the conflict. If the roll is failed the character's ship takes a moderate consequence. Once docked the players must find a vital location and take advantage of it and get free of the station.

Making it to a vital location
there are a couple of key locations on the ship. The Control Room is in the center of the ship. If the players gain control of it they can do as they like with the ship. It is the best guarded and hardest to gain control of. The ships engines are also well guarded, but it will be easier than the Control Room. If you could set a cascade explosion within the hangar bays the combined explosives of all the fighters would cripple the ship. This is probably the easiest of the locations to get to, and the hardest to set up.

there are many ways to go about getting to the locations and attaining your goals, so I will not try to calculate all the different things that can be done. I will be just hitting the basics of this. Sneaking in will be a series of overcome rolls involving Stealth, or any other skill that makes sense. there is always teh direct approach, getting into larger and larger fights until you get to the location you wish. Also if your players have some kind of leverage on the Sukar they could try and negotiate.

Getting free alive
Escaping the ship will be difficult. If they have succeeded in sabotaging the ship then they must outrun the damage they have done to the ship. if they have failed in sabotaging the ship, or if they did not sabotage the ship then it becomes a contest to get free of the ship unnoticed. Again they could fight their way out of the ship, but this will get more and more difficult with each battle as more Sukar become aware of the problem on board.

OK, so that was a bit more on the previous adventure as well as some more rules and some clarifications. I hope this makes the game easier to play. I would appreciate any thoughts on how this could be improved, or any ideas on things I should add or rules you would like to see in the future.

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