Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fate Core: Aeon Trinity pt 7

After the battle of Erebus, the coalition limped away in defeat. It was thought, they would never been seen again. And so it went, for 13 years.they have spent the intervening time rebuilding and making alliances. They have mastered(mostly) the Aberrant Taint they took within them. They have finally master FTL(using Warp abilities). They still hunger for earth and its psychic and biotech treasures. They are coming. They have swept through the galaxy like locusts, leaving devastation in their wake. They have their eyes on Earth and her allies.

The Coalition are the greatest threat to humanity. Unlike the Aberrants they are united and focused. They have spent over a decade planning and plotting, and now they are ready to conquer the psychic races of the galaxy. They will attack the Chromatics first, as they are seen as the weakest of the space faring races.

Good Nameless NPCs
Aspect: Friendly Pheromones
Aspect: Talking is the only solution
+3 Rapport +2 Empathy, Deceit

Good Nameless NPCs
Aspect: Charge!
Aspect: Fast Mover
+3 Fighting +2 Physique +1 Shooting, Athletics

Good Nameless NPCs
Aspect: I can fix it
Aspect: Large but clever
+3 Crafts +2 Lore +1 Investigate

Average Nameless NPCs
Aspect: Just a drone
+1 pick a skill that requires no real training

A fury is just one of the other Phyles with between one to three Aberrant abilities.

They are named NPCs build them as such. They have a tendency toward the mental over the physical. When they have the fury template attached to them they have all the abilities of an Aberrant.

New Aberrant Abilities
Quantum Blast: you can use shooting without a weapon.
Quantum Blast2: This ability has the prerequisite of Quantum Blast. When you take this ability you can choose one of the following abilities:
    1. Supercharge: your blast counts as Weapon: 2
    2. Combustion: you can attack a whole zone, roll your shooting at -1 to attack every target in the zone.
    3. Alternate defense: Your opponent must defend against your blast with some other skill(choose the skill when you choose this ability.
Armor: Gain Armor: 2 against physical actions. You can take this ability multiple times.
Disrupt: You can halt another Aberrant from using there abilities. Roll your Will vs your opponents will. If you succeed, your opponent cannot use there Aberrant abilities unless they spend a round to roll their will vs Fair(+2) difficulty.

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