Saturday, February 2, 2013

Diaspora: The Inevitable pt 2

I ran my second game of Diaspora today. We had a player bow out today due to illness. I hope he recovers soon and can play in the next adventure. Since he was missing we had a stunted session as we did not want to leave him behind. So the players basically worked through a few of the smaller plot points as well as discovering new data bout the Hexapods(poids? Peds?). They discovered that the aliens had Terran DNA in it and that the sky city was partially organic. There also seems to be a connection to the giant crustaceans on Erdea. The game ended with our heroes sitting in port over Erdea waiting for there ship to be refitted.

We had a good time, but the session was a little short. It looks as though I will be running the next session as well, when we meet up next. If you would like, here is a recording of our session.

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