Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fate Core: GM thoughts

Tonight I will be running a first session of Fate Core via Google Hangouts. As the GM I am thinking about campaigns and settings. However, comma, I wll be using the setting creation ruleset. Well, ruleset is the wrong word, they are more like guidelines. Anyway as I won't be the only one developing the game most of my ideas won't be showing up in the game. Since tat is the case, I thought, "why not share them here?" I rarely ignore myself, so here goes.

The Force Wars
I love the force in Star Wars, but the Jedi were always a bit of a oddity. How did they come about, how did they form up? My idea is this, the formation of the Jedi order and the expulsion of the dark side users. There are many different philosophies of force use and schools of training. Each think that THEY have the right and best way to share the force. Last week one of the force schools, the Jedi, invited the leaders of all the other schools to a meeting of the minds. Do the leaders trust this invitation? Is unification even possible? What of the Dark Side? It is a game of politics and force powers at the dawn of the republic.

Age Of Stone
Long ago there was a shining city. A city of god-men. They had tools and magics far beyond stone and fire. They were prideful, thought themselves greater than the spirits of earth and sky. Then came the fall. the skies opened up and storms came. The ocean rose up to swallow the shining city. In this game you play the heirs of Atlantis in the stone age world. you have technologies and skills beyond anything the world around you understands. however with that come hubris. It becomes all too easy to forget the lessons of Atlantis. The great spirits of sky and stone do not allow for man to hold himself above the others.

Those are just a couple of the ideas that are flowing through my noggin. We'll see if anything comes of it tonight.

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