Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fate Core: building Eternia pt 1

I would like to try my hand at setting building for Fate Core. I will be working on my corellian Knights campaign on the side. In this series of posts I will be designing a setting just for fun. I will probably build a bunch of premade characters at the end. we'll have to see how it goes.

OK, so now it comes down to high concept. What is the basic game I want to run? I was digging through my DVDs looking for the Princess Bride when I ran across my He-man DVD sets. I realized that I loved He-man when I was a kid. It had this amazing blend of everything that I thought was great. Also it had the best toy sets(well third best, GI Joes and transformers were awesome).

So that will be my basic setting idea, a re-imagining of He-man.

At the center of the universe sits a small planet. A planet of Light and of Dark. A planet of Power. Eternia, the pivot point of all the universe. For untold eons the Star Seed has sat at the center of the world. The center of the center of the universe. The Masters of the Universe protect it and the whole of the Light Hemisphere from the depredations of the Dark Hemisphere.

Basically it is about being a master of the universe. And how awesome that is. The scale of the game will be pretty damned epic. It deals with huge issues of light and dark, and the fate of the world and all worlds. Although it is still personal, in a way. Every story is sort of about a very personal issue, but generally it is attached to one of these grand events. So it is epic more than personal, also I think that models the aspect system so well that it borders on creepy.

Now I got to dig into the settings big issues, This is where I tend to have problems. how vague should it be? how specified? I will go with what I think should go there, and then if people disagree with me then we can go from there.

First trouble of the setting should be the Dark Hemisphere. I think I will go with something like the 2002 He-Man show's explanation. that there was a mystical barrier that separated the two and the barrier has just recently fallen. Allowing Skeletor and his minions through.

Current Issue: Masters of Evil

another issue I would like to explore would be the Snake men and Hordak, so I think that would be the coming trouble would be some sort of prison that holds them. we will call it The Void. it is sort of like the phantom zone in superman.

Impending Issue: Rising from The Void

That is a good start for the game. Tomorrow I will begin putting up a location or a face per day until I have something approaching a game setting.


  1. This sounds great Jacob have fun doing it. I was reading over things and it looks like it will be amazing.

  2. Well, Thanks Adrienne, I am planning on having a full PDF for the game set up by this evening(my time). I would love to hear your comments on it.