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Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 14

First Adventure: The Diamond Ray of Disappearance
Every adventure of Faternia has an Aspect attached to it. This Aspect is the lesson of the day. it can get Compelled and Invoked like any other Aspect. It will be different in every adventure.

For the diamond Ray of Disappearance the Lesson Aspect is this: There are no shortcuts in life

 The Diamond Ray of Disappearance was locked away by the Elders long ago. Deep within the Ice Caves of Chernohg. It was a punitive tool in the ancient days. When a villain proved too dangerous to be locked away in a conventional prison, the Diamond Ray would be used to lock the Villain away in a dimension of timelessness. When the elders left Eternia, many such artifacts were left behind. Skeletor has found the Diamond Ray in its hidden location and seeks to use it to take over Eternia.

If you wish to run this adventure a bit longer, or add a little more depth to the game world you can allow the Masters to discover Skeletor's plot earlier, perhaps the Ray was guarded by someone, and they run to Grayskull to let the heroes know what it was that happened. this can lead to research and investigatory scenes, if your group is into that.also it will mean that Skeletor and his minions will have a larger fight on there hands, than in the original plan.
Scene 1: Diversion at the palace
The Masters of the Universe are attending a party held by King Randor at the palace. take some time to establish what they are doing and what they are interested in at the party. The party is interrupted by an attack on the city(roll Observation overcome action vs a Difficulty of +2  to avoid surprise, there is a bit of noise from the party). Trap Jaw and Beastman are attacking the city. If they are attacked they will flee after the first round of combat. If the characters pursue it becomes a chase.

The chase will be treated as a stress track, with four boxes. It defends with the lower of Beastman or Trapjaws Ride skill. once the chases stress track is filled then the chase is over and Trap jaw and Beastman spring their trap. A giant Snake and four robot drones(chompers). They fight until defeated.

Scene Aspects
Party: Loud and crowded
Chase: Canyons and trees
Overall: Moonlit night
Scene 2: Bait and Switch
If the players did not chase Beastman and Trap Jaw, or if some did and some did not,  then they will become involved in the next scene earlier than if they had. The attack by his minions was simply to lure the Masters out of the castle and away. While this is going on Skeletor and Evil-Lyn will be invading the castle. Skeletor will use the Diamond Ray of Disappearance on the king and queen, as well as any masters that are in his way. If the character have been chasing Trap Jaw and Beastman then they find out about the plot during the fight, as Trap Jaw mocks them about how they were fooled into leaving the palace unguarded.

The first blast of the Diamond Ray takes out the King and Queen, if the players come up with a plan to stop it, you can let them stop it, or offer them a Fate point as a compel on the adventure aspect to let Skeletor win for now. If there is a fight, it is possible that one or more of the characters will get zapped by the Diamond Ray. describe to them an existence of formlessness, where the ancient evils of Eternia were locked away. They can only do mental actions in this state. If you want you can have some of the ancient evils attack them or trick them. or you can leave that alone and focus on escape.

Scene Aspects
Grand hall:  
Tables chairs and food everywhere
Great pillars surround
Scene 3: The Diamond Ray
After the King and queen are dealt with Skeletor declares himself King and threatens everyone with the Ray if they do not agree with him. If the Masters did not chase and fight Beastman and Trap Jaw, or if they did but left in the middle to try and save the king, those two miscreants appear to hail Skeletor triumphant. The players could do many things at this point.

If they research the ray they find that people could be brought back if the diamond is destroyed. this would be an overcome action of +4 with the knowledge skill. Or if they ask the sorceress she will tell them this as well.

If they just attack Skeletor, then there is a combat, and if they win they can then work on getting their friends out of the Diamond. this will be a tough fight, as there are four evil warriors plus three chompers and Panthor. they could win, but it would be very difficult. if they fail I recommend some kind of easily escapeable death trap, or put them in the dungeons of Eternia(for those that lost, but not to the Diamond Ray). That way they can escape and find a new way to win.
Scene 4: Disappearance
If the characters manage to defeat Skeletor and his Evil Warriors, or if they manage to get their hands on the Diamond Ray through some other means, they have to decide what to do with it. If they break it, then their friends come back, but there is also the possibility that all the evil beings stored in it will come back as well. I could see that as an interesting game changer, so you will probablywant to think over the ramifications of that. with everything back to teh wayit was(maybe) you can then do the wind down scene, ask the masters how they celebrate beating skeletor and see if any of the Masters have been changed by their experience(minor Milestone)
Cast of Villains
Evil lyn
Trap jaw
Chompers(nameless NPCs)
+1(Average) Fighting
one hit takes them out
Giant Snake
+2(Fair) Fighting, +1(Average) Fitness and Wild
One shift box of stress

Diamond Ray of Disappearance: Anyone who looks at at gets attacked by a shooting skill of +6. It can be defended normally. It attacks every round. Anyone it stresses out vanishes to a dimension of Timelessness. it only has one stress box and then it is destroyed.

Friendly NPCs of Eternia

King Randor
When his brother, Keldor tried to take over the kingdom and began the Great Unrest Randor had just been proclaimed king. He spent the first years of his kingship fighting a seemingly endless war. He knows the terror of war and seeks to bring peace to all Eternia. He values discourse and compromise and will not stand for Evil. His only real disappointment is his son Adam, who seems to have no aims or goals in life.

High concept: King of Eternia
Trouble: The darkness has returned
Motivation: I will see peace and unity

Queen Marlena
Earth's best astronaut, Marlena was the test pilot for a new space craft with an experimental drive system.When she tested it out, something went wrong. She fell through a portal in space and crashed on Eternia. King Randor found her and nursed her back to health. She joined the royal gaurd and helped Randor end the conflict. During teh Battles she and Randor fell in love, when the war was over, they married and she had a son, Adam. Because earth is Larger than Eternia it has a much higher gravity. Marlena is stronger and faster than the native Eternian humans. She is an expert pilot and a skilled soldier.

High Concept: Earthborn Queen of Eternia
Trouble: My family is not safe
Motivation: I must do what is right, no matter the cost

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