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Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 9

Today(happy Boxing Day!) I am going to start working on the Pregen playable characters. So I present to you the first of the Masters of the Universe:


High Concept: Man at Arms
Trouble: Over thinks everything
During the Great Unrest, Duncan's people were wiped out by Keldor when they refused to join his crusade.Duncan, the last of his people joined the Eternian guard in order to stop the evil of Keldor and those like him. He befriended the young King Randor, and helped drive Keldor's forces back, becoming the latest in a long line of heroes to gain the title of Eternia's Man at Arms.
Origin: My king, my friend
Duncan's power is and always has been his mind. Brilliant strategist, genius engineer, and the consumate warrior, his knowledge of the combat arts is surpassed by none.
Power: Know your enemy
After the great unrest the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull came to Duncan with an infant girl. She could not allow the forces of Darkness to learn that she had a daughter, as they would gain leverage on the protector of Grayskull. She asked Duncan to care for her daughter, Teela. Duncan swore to do so, and has raised her as his own since that day.
Aspect: My daughter in all but blood!

Shooting, Fighting
Ride, Observation, Knowledge
Caring, Heart, Friendliness, Fitness

Always Making Useful Things: Based off of Ingenuity(using stunt from pg. 107)
A Friendly Shoulder: Basically the Psychologist Stunt(pg. 113) uses Caring Skill.
Machinist: Gain +2 to Knowledge rolls when dealing with mechanics or mechanical devices.
Called Shot: (pg. 131)

Refresh Total: 2
Mental stress: [1] [2] [3]
Physical stress: [1] [2] [3]

Weapon: Mace

High Concept: The Warrior Goddess
Trouble: I must prove myself
The Daughter of the Sorceress of Grayskull was never destined to have a simple life. Her mothers identity known only to Duncan, and her father's known only to the Sorceress, Teela grew up without a true sense of her own self worth. Mer-Man tried to use her against Duncan when she was young. Tricking her into The Caverns of Fear, far beneeth Castle Grayskull. No one had ever ventured into the Caverns and returned. While she was lost down in the caverns teela met the spirit of the castle. Seeing that she was an innocent, and the blood of the gaurdian of grayskull was within her, it led her to Duncan. Duncan had become hopelessly lost in the labyrinth of tunnels and chambers. Teela led him out of the caves.
Origin: Even in the darkness, I am
While she was within the caves she stumbled upon a chamber full of the graves of ancient warriors. They had been laid to rest here by The Elders for their own inscrutable reasons. She rested in this chamber, and while she did the spirits of the ancient warriors transferred to her. She now has the skill and power of the greatest heroes of Eternian prehistory.
Power: Spirits of war! Guide my hand!
Duncan was the King's best friend, and so she grew up in the castle. She was the same age as Prince Adam and grew up along side him. She see's greatness in Adam, but wishes he would be...more.
Aspect: Adam needs my help

Fighting, Power
Ingenuity, Heart, Observation
Ride, Shooting, Caring, Friendliness

Hardcore Parkour: (pg. 102)
Roll with the blow: (pg. 102)
Danger sense: (pg. 123) uses Observation Skill
Reed in the Wind: renamed the Tough as nails Stunt(pg. 125)

Refresh: 2
Mental stress: [1] [2] [3]
Physical stress: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Weapon: Staff
Snake staff

In Faternia, each character gets a weapon that goes with the character(basically every character action figure came with a weapon, so to does your character). If it is a regular weapon then it gets one aspect, if it is a named weapon then it gets two. these work like any other aspect in the game. Weapons can be disarmed, by placing the disarmed aspect on the character. Weapons have no other mechanical benifit other than having an extra aspect.

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