Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 3

Castle Grayskull
Long ago the Elders, a group of powerful immortals, found the center of power in Eternia. They called it the Star Seed. It was the last spark left over from the beginning of the universe.Around it the built the Hall of Wisdom. There they ruled for many years in peace. By the time of the rise of the Snake Men the Elders had vanished from Eternia. King Grayskull sought to protect the Hall of Wisdom and it secrets from the Snake Men. He built a great castle around the hall. he and his friends became the first Master of the Universe. The held of the Snake Men and all other despots who sought the castle's power. For to control Castle Grayskull is to control the Universe itself.

Aspect: Center of Eternian Power
Aspect: Bottomless moat

The Sorceress
Teela Na was the princess of the Osirans, a technologically advanced people who lived in the Sands of Time. When Hordak and the Horde invaded her people could do nothing. driven from their home they sought the Aid of King Grayskull to defeat Hordak. After much hardship and many dangerous adventures the few remaining Osirans met with King Grayskull and his Masters of the Universe. When Hordak came Grayskull sacrificed himself to destroy the physical form of Hordak, trapping him forever in Despondos, the dimension of despair. As he lay dying he passed on the protection of Eternia to his fellow masters, and protection of Castle Grayskull and its secrets to Teela Na. from that day forward she would be known as The Sorceress. She only put down her duties once. for a short while she wandered Eternia, to see how the world had changed in her centuries of guardianship. She meta soldier named Duncan and fell in love. She was called back to her duty, and he to his. She was torn howver, as she had become pregnant. She knew the child could not grow up surrounded by the dangers that seek to control Grayskull. So she sent her daughter, Teela, to be raised by her father, now King Randor's chief adviser.

High Concept: Mystical protector of Castle Grayskull
Trouble: the further from the castle the weaker my power
Aspect: The last of the Osirans
Aspect: Secrets of the universe
Aspect: Duty before all

So when working on this entry, I realized I needed to work out the sorcery rules before I moved too much further along, as a lot of the NPCs I will be making have access to it. My basic thought here is to keep it simple. I had this idea when I was working on my star wars game I am running. Basically there is a sorcery skill, it does not do much on its own, and you need to take a stunt to gain access to it. once you have the stunt and the skill, you can take other stunts that increase the versatility of the skill. basically you would have a stunt that allows for teleportation, and a stunt that allows for ranged attacks, and a healing stunt, and so on. This will help people who don't have sorcery keep up with with the sorcerers in the game. Also, as a He-Man specific rule, you need to have a channel for your magic, a staff or a wand, or an amulet. The true masters can get past this, but it is more difficult to do. Perhaps you need a stunt to be able to use magic without a focus. I will need to think on this more. Until then, let me know what you think.

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