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Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 11


High Concept: Cursed Actor
Trouble: Emotions not my own
Manny was Eternia's greatest actor, a man of a thousand faces. He was hired by King Randor to infiltrate Keldor's forces. Using his disguise and acting skills he made it to the inner circle. Keldor learned of his treachery and cursed him to be a monster. He rampaged through a small town before the Masters of the Universe could figure a solution. however they could not fully restore him. He is now a man with three faces: the human, the monster, and the robot(which regulates his personality). He renamed himself Man-E-Faces.
Origin: Man of a thousand faces
He can gain the form and powers of a Monster or a robot.
Power: Monstrous strength
He has vowed to use his curse to bring down Skeletor and his evil warriors
Aspect: Robotic calm

Skills (the second skill list is for the monster, the third for the robot)
Friendliness/Scare/Knowledge, Caring/Fighting/Observation
Heart/Fitness/Power, Knowledge/Wild/Shooting, Sneaking/Observation/Ride
Fitness/Heart/Heart, Fighting/Sneaking/Fighting, Ride/Ride/Caring, Ingenuity/Friendliness/Friendliness

Shape shift: Can transform into a monster. Switch out the standard skill list for another, does not effect the stress tracks.
Shape shift: Can transform into a robot. Switch out the standard skill list for another, does not effect the stress tracks.
One person, Many Faces: Pg  109 uses lying

Refresh: 3
Mental Stress: [1] [2] [3]
Physical Stress: [1] [2]

Weapon: Multiweapon


High concept: Heroic Human Periscope
Trouble: My power is not enough
The man who would become Mekaneck was the lead scout for the forces of Eternia. He was a single father, and his son, Phillip, was his world. Count Marzo saw in the potential futures that his son would one day be an important sorcerer. Marzo decided to kidnap Phillip and raise him up to be a weapon against the forces of good. Mekaneck's neck was broken when he tried to protect his son. Duncan discovered the scene, and over time managed to build a cybernetic system to repair Mekaneck. Now he is a Master of the Universe until he can find his son and rescue his son.
Origin: Nothing will stop me
His neck, chest and eyes have been replaced and enhanced by Duncan. Now his neck can extend to a large degree and his eyes can see farther than anyone else on Eternia.
Power: Periscopic Spy
Mekaneck has formed an unlikely friendship with Buzz Off. Both of them serve as the scouts of the Masters of the Universe. Mekaneck has become a master of stealth and perception.
Aspect: My eyes see all

Sneaking, Wild
Fighting, Power, Fitness
Ride, Lying, Heart, Caring

Extension Neck: When your neck is extended you gain a +2 to over come observation obstacles.
Headbutt: if you headbutt with your extension neck you can attack with fighting out to two zones.
Danger sense: pg 123 uses Observation
Power of Deduction: pg 119 uses observation

Refresh: 2
Mental stress: [1] [2] [3]
Physical stress: [1] [2] [3]

Weapon: metal club

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