Sunday, December 9, 2012

A couple of funny(to me) Poems

As I watched a recent dance concert a few funny ideas struck me. I wrote a couple of poems to express those thoughts. Poetry was chosen because it plays with words and grammar structure. As I was playing with Physics ideas and the structure thereof I thought it was a good fit. Without further ado I give you two funny poems(funny to me any way):

by: The Jake

They tell me that space and time are curved
They say space is infinite and time is not
Time is not
If space is infinite
If space curves
It is an infinite curve
An infinite curve
Is a ring
A ring
A ring of emptiness
Emptiness and matter
You can go in a straight line in space
I can go in a straight line too
Space is curved
A ring
A ring of space with matter
Sprinkles of matter in space
 A ring
Welcome to the donut
Infinite donut

Objects in motion
By: The Jake

Movement is limited
Limited by light
like driving in the dark
We can't go faster than we can see
Light is the limit
The faster you go, the bigger you are
The bigger you are, the slower time moves
For light time stands still
Winding spirals of time
Held together by fast, heavy, objects
Mass holds time hostage
The ransom is movement

Those two thoughts just made me laugh and I thought I would share them. Let me know what you think.