Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 5

The Crystal Sea
    The largest sea on all of Eternia, it is surrounded by the great crystal cliffs. It is home to the Fish People and the Great Bakull. Bakull is worshiped as a god by the Fish people, though it can be controlled through a ritual using the red pearl and a human sacrifice.

Aspect: Great crystal cliffs
Aspect: Terror in the deep

He was the Priest King of the Fish People. He was going to sacrifice a girl to the great Bakull. Duncan stepped in and rescued the girl. Merman's people cast him out, and he joined up with Skeletor on the promise of vengeance against Duncan. Some of his people still follow him in his quest to dominate all the oceans of the world.
    High Concept: Warlord of Water
    Trouble: Overdeveloped sense of vengeance
    Origin: Man at Arms will pay for my humiliation
    Power: Strength of the seas
    Aspect: Secrets of the Deeps

Knowledge, wild
Ride, Fighting, Power
Heart, Scare, Observation, Lying

Water breathing: use fitness skill to overcome movement obstacles and to create movement based advantages when in water or involving water.

Fish People
     Aspect: Dark superstitions
     Aspect: Peaceful nomads of the seas
     Aspect: Secrets of the deeps
Water breathing: You can use your Fitness(or sorcery if you are using magic) skill to overcome movement obstacles, and to create movement based advantages when in the water or involving water.

Possible new rules for initiative
In Eternia those who talk have initiative on those who don't. Initiative order goes like so. I want to use a rule like this to emulate how Skeletor will have these long monologues in the middle of a combat and then use that speech to make his attacks better. I am not sure if this is the right way to handle this.
1. surprise(if it exists)
2. speech(if more than one is speaking then highest heart score to lowest)
3. attack(highest fitness to lowest fitness)

Aspect selection process
1. High Concept: This remains unchanged from Fate Core
2. Trouble: Unchanged
3. Origin: Write down the adventure that led you to join the Masters of the Universe. Was there a threat only you could help with? Did the Masters of Evil trick you into doing something bad? Did you seek out the Masters of the Universe, or did they seek you out?
4. Power: What is your power? What is it that sets you apart from the rest of the world?
5. Free choice of aspect

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  1. Your take on Eternia has blown my mind, keep'em coming!

    Regarding Initiative, I'd just embrace the fictional fact that anyone has the right to monologue before attacking. Even more, I've been toying with the idea of "Genre Aspect", they'd be like a sub-type og Game Aspects but related to genre conventions. Therefore, any character could have access to an Aspect called "Right Makes Might" or something like it that can be Invoked or Compelled.