Monday, December 24, 2012

Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 7

Ruins of Zalesia
Ruled over by the Faceless One since before the time of the great wars, what was once a thriving city state is now a ruin with few buildings still standing. Two if them are as invulnerable as anything in Eternia, The Grand Library of Zalesia and The Vault. The library is the largest compilation of books of sorcery in Eternia. The Vault holds some of the most dangerous artifacts known.

Aspect: Ancient city, ancient knowledge
Aspect: Ancient Evils Locked Away

Her father was the guardian of a great magic, The Faceless One. She killed her father in order to gain that power. However, her training was incomplete and so she was only able to grasp a fraction of what was available. Skeletor came to her and promised to teach her new and powerful magics, if she would follow him. Evil-Lyn is one of Skeletor's most powerful minions, but also the most treacherous.

High Concept: Damsel of Dark Magic
Trouble: Treacherous to a fault
Origin: Bred to power
Power: Elemental magics
Aspect: The Shaping Staff

 Sorcery, Knowledge
Sneaking, Heart, Caring
Fitness, Scare, Observation, Fighting

Sorcerer: allows her to use the Sorcery skill when wielding her staff, she must have an aspect related to her sorcery, generally this is a high concept thing.
Illusion: allows the use of sorcery to make a disguise. requires the sorcerer stunt.
Blast: able to attack using sorcery. Requires the sorcerer stunt.
Summoning: use sorcery to make attack and advantage rolls.

Sorcery rules
Sorcery in Eternia is the manner in which most mortals shape and control magic. There are many types of magic, but this is the type the players will run into the most. It is represented by a series of stunts.

Sorcery Stunts
Sorcery: This stunt allows you to use the sorcery skill. In order to use this stunt you must have a high concept the mentions your sorcery in some way, also you need to have another aspect mentioning the implement you use to channel the magic.
Illusion: Allows you to use the Sorcery skill to create advantages involving disguise or illusion
Shape change: allows you to switch out physical and sensory skills. requires illusion.
Blast: Use Sorcery skill to attack within the same zone.
Blast 2: use sorcery to attack out to two zones. Requires blast.
Teleport: use Sorcery to overcome obstacles or create movement advantages.
Fly: Use sorcery to create advantages or overcome obstacles involving movement
Water breathing: same as fly but for water
Summoning: use sorcery to make creature based attack and advantage rolls

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