Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 2
Snake Mountain
In early Eternian history, the Snake Men sought to conquer the world. Led by King Hiss they were far more powerful than any petty warlord or threat that had occurred before. When they were defeated they were locked in a mystic prison, the Void, located far below their very citadel, Snake Mountain. later it became the center of evil in all the Dark Hemisphere. Skeletor is the current master of Snake Mountain, though even he does not know all its secrets.
    Aspect: Heart of Darkness
    Aspect: Gateway to the Void
    Aspect: Dark Secrets
Keldor was the brother of King Randor. Seeking to claim the throne Keldor studied the dark arts, finally summoning Hordak to grant him knowledge. With his new found mystical might he led a rebellion against Randor. He failed and was chased to the Dark Hemisphere. He seeks greater power, making a Pact with Hordak for the Havoc Staff, the greatest Dark Artifact known. Keldor reneged on his pact with Hordak, and in punishment his flesh was burned from his face. His mystic abilities kept him alive, but the pain of the action drove him to madness. Now he rules from his throne on Snake Mountain as Skeletor Master of Darkness.
   High Concept: Master of the Darkness
   Trouble: Everyone is an idiot
   Aspect: Eternia is mine, and no one else's
   Aspect: Curse of Hordak
   Aspect: The Havoc Staff

 Skeletor's mount, and loyal companion.
   Massive battle panther
   Right hand of the throne

Doing this location and its relevant Face has led me to realize I need to come up with a magic system of some kind for the game. I would like to keep it a bit nebulous, as in the show and comics it was always just blasting stuff, or really odd one off things that are done with magic. I will need to think on this.

Tomorrow: Grey Skull


  1. Isn't it Keldor, not Keledor?

  2. I have seen it both ways, and this is a re-imagining so any mistakes I make are not really mistakes, but are in fact reinterpretations...yeah,, that's the ticket.