Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 10

Today, there is just one Pregen, but man is it a doozy. I give you Orko, Master of the compel!

High Concept: Lost Trollan Wizard
Trouble: Magic fails in Eternia
Orko was the most gifted graduate of the Trollan Academy of high arts. His natural aptitude for mischief, humor, and getting into trouble saw that his skill with magic did not help his reputation. He was set to marry Dree Elle, daughter of one of the leading Magicians of Trolla, when he was whisked away to Eternia. A freak Aether Storm appeared causing a rift. Orko was caught in the rift and arrived in the Tar Swamp on Eternia. He arrived in time to see Prince Adam, then just a boy, stuck in the bog. Orko rescued him and brought him to his father. He has been stranded in Eternia since that moment.
Origin: The promise of a king
Orko was one of the greatest wizards on Trolla. Unfortunately, the laws of Nature on Eternia are very different then those on Trolla. His magic is powerful, but often goes awry.
Power: Misfiring Master of Trollan Magic
Orko cares deeply for the people of Eternia. King Randor took him in when he was stranded here, and he has known Teela and Adam since they were children. He is n optimist and believes in the best in others.
Aspect: My friends are the only family I have left

Friendliness, Caring
Heart, Lying, Sneaking
Fitness, Observation, Knowledge, Ride

Sorceror: Gains access to the Sorcery Skill.
Illusion: Use sorcery to create illusions. Allows you to use in overcome and advantages involving illusions.
Fly: Use Sorcery to overcome obstacles, create advantages, and Defend in situations where flying would be useful.
Conjuration: can conjure objects out of thin air. Use Sorcery skill for overcoming obstacles and creating advantages that relate to conjured objects.
Indomitable: using Heart, see pg 133

Refresh:  1
Mental stress: [1] [2] [3]
Physical stress: [1] [2]

Weapon: Staff

Sorcery Skill explained more fully
Sorcery(the skill) can only be used if you have the sorcerer stunt. Sorcery allows you to make Overcome obstacles to gain information(like the investigation skill pg 118). It does not allow you to create advantages, Attack, or defend. to gain access to those types of actions you will need to take sorcery stunts. I hope this clears up the issues people had with the sorcery skill. If it does not please let me know. I may be trapped in some kind of cognitive cycle, where I know what I am saying, but no one else understands.

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