Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fate Core: Building Eternia pt 8

This will be a short one for Christmas, and it barely made it in under the wire for that as well. Enjoy.


Trap Jaw
 A psychotic warlord from another dimension, Trap Jaw arrived in Eternia when the heroes of his realm banished him from their world. Before the transfer could be complete Trap Jaw used a hidden device to sabotage the dimensional portal. Instead of going to the prison realm of Tartarus he wound up in Eternia. Finding Grayskull to be the greatest power source he had ever discovered, he set about trying to conquer it. Skeletor made a deal of shared power with him to gain his loyalty, now he build many of Skeletor's fiendish devices. He knows that Skeletor will Betray him, but Trap Jaw has plans for that.
    High concept: Wizard of Weapons
    Trouble: Psychotic rage
    Origin: Warlord and warrior
    Power: Robotic Weapon Arm and Mouth
    Aspect: Never without a weapon
Shooting, Power
Fighting, Scare,Observation
Heart, Knowledge, Lying, Ride

I need help coming up with a custom stunt, or stunts, to represent Trap Jaw's abilities. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Eternian Weapons and Equipment
In the Extras chapter in the Fate Core rules book it talks of weapons and armor(p 291 specifically). I will be using those rules listed on that page. so when you come up with the weapon or weapons that your character uses come up with an adjective for that weapon, use this as an aspect. Vehicles will work the same for the most part.

For true artifacts of power Like the ram staff and He-Mans power sword, I am uncertain how I would handle this. Any ideas 

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