Friday, December 21, 2012

Fate Core: Builing Eternia pt 4

Vine Jungle
Home of the Beast Peoples as well as a great many great beasts. It is dangerous for travelers, due to the many dangerous creatures and plants of the jungle.

Aspect: Home of the beast people
Aspect: Carnivorous creatures, Carnivorous foliage

Beast Man
A member of the beast tribe of the vine jungle, Beast Man sought to lead his tribe through fear and force. They exiled him from his jungle home. Bitter and power hungry he quickly found and ally in Keldor, who promised him leadership of the Vine Jungle when Keldor gained the throne. Since the fall of Keldor and the rise of Skeletor, Beast Man has remained Skeletor's trusted right hand man.

High Concept: Master of Beasts
Trouble: Instincts of a beast
Aspect: Rulership of the fittest
Aspect: Untamed Strength
Aspect: Skeletor will bring victory

Power, Ride
Observation, Scare, Fitness
Sneaking, Lying, Heart, Knowledge

Master of Beasts: Beast Man can use his Wild Skill as Friendliness when trying to convinceanimals to do his will.
Scent the wind: Use Wild instead of Observation for initiative in physical conflict

I will be starting out my basic form on how I will cover the races of Eternia. There will be a listing of three or four Aspects that are racial Aspects. When you are playing a person of that race you must take one of those aspects for your free aspect(I will be going over aspect selection in a future post, probably the next one). Also there may be a stunt or two that are required for a race. These stunts will not be free, they will count as regular stunts they are just required for you to play the race.

Beast People
Racial Aspects
    Instincts of  the beasts
    Untamed strength
    Enhanced senses

Nameless Beast People
Aspects: Enhanced Senses, Untamed strength
    +2 Wild, +1Shooting, Fitness

Also in this post I will go over the skills list and see what can stay and what needs to change for this game. So here is the new skills list:

Fitness(the same as Athletics)
Observation(Investigate and notice)
Wild: skill for dealing with nature and understanding animals(not sure if it works)
Sorcery(can only have this if you take the sorcery stunt)

 Skills that have been removed
Burglary: As this is about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, burglary is just not needed for a game based on my favorite 80s cartoon(well...its tied with Transformers), Stealing is frowned upon here.
Contacts: Honestly this skill is just not needed. The show is about individuals of great individual power. Its about what you can do, not who you know(except for Prince Adam, lazy goldbrick).
Resources: same reason as contacts. money doesn't matter to the champions of good.
Investigate and Notice: for this game I think that we can fold this in with notice in the new skill observation.

 Next up: Merman and the Crystal Sea

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