Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sharn Codex session 0

I am taking a break from my design today. I have run into some issues that I need to think through a bit. I lieu of that I will discuss my campaign of Fate Core I am running, currently. I gathered a group together earlier today to play what I hope will be a full campaign.

The game is set in Eberron, a D&D setting. Initially there was a lot of discussion over how that would work. some of the setting is tied very closely to the D&D mechanics. We worked out a system that I think will suffice, we will see how this goes in play.

The players have taken on the roles of the king of Breland's Dark Lanterns.They set up their home base as Sharn. The Characters are Flint, a shifter archer, Sim, the changeling con man, Rantin, the human stealth expert, and Remiel, a Wizard outcast of house Denieth.

Mostly we worked on the world and the characters this session, the last forty-five minutes I ran them through a brief introductory scene. It was aimed at getting them into the mystery early, as well as showcasing some of the mechanics of the game with a conflict or two.

we did run into one Issue though. I think it has been answered, but we were unclear in the game. When a person creates an aspect and does so with style(basically they get two free uses) can both uses of the aspect be stacked? Can a person use the same aspect twice in a row, for the same roll? We ruled yes, because I recalled some discussions going that direction, but that seems a bit off to me.

If you want to check out the game here is the recording of the first session. I swear a bit, I am sorry.