Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fate Core: Magi pt 2

Hey diddle diddle,
The Cat and the fiddle,
The Cow jumped over the moon,
The little Dog laughed
To see such craft,
And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

                                     ~Old Nursery Rhyme

There are three pillars to the universe: Creation, Destruction, and Stasis. The players will take the role of Magi, defenders of the balance. They try to keep the world spinning on, no one side gets the upper hand.

Game Aspects
Unchecked Creation
Endless Destruction
Choking Stasis

Core concept: Belief
In the beginning the world was formless and empty. It remained so forever and for no time at all. Time having yet to be conceived. Then into this void came thought, the first thought. This thought led to others, and soon the void sang with the voices of many. The many became confused, dissonant, and discontent. Each voice had a way that the world should be, each was unique. This discontent led to conflict, to war. The first war. The war is not over. the war continues. The reality war.

Humans have a distinction in knowing their place in the universe. The have the gift of seeing how things are and how they could be. This is the source of the conflict. Humans beliefs affect reality. The more people that believe a thing, the more real that thing becomes. That is the big secret of the world, nothing is real, only believing it makes it so. The war is over belief, over the nature of reality.

Core concept: Nodes and Super Nodes
Every city sits on a super node, that many people all together creates belief energy, this has a tendency to focus on one point, this becomes the city center.  From that central super node spring several nodes.

Control the nodes and you can alter the nodes around them, control the super node and you can alter the super nodes around it. Each node has a protector of some kind, a genius loci. this protector must be defeated and reshaped. Reshape the genius loci and you reshape one part of the node. a node has three parts. Normally these are representative of the three pillars, a static aspect, a destructive aspect, and a creative aspect. sometimes the node becomes out of balance, that is when the Magi step in.

A super node is a entity that fights back, it can defend against magic, using the number of nodes in a city as its bonus. It can attack if you try certain moves, it does this through coincidence and bad luck. the world is actually your enemy.

Large scale conclusions
I need to work on rules for altering aspects, and statting out the nodes. Perhaps creation of the world(city, nation, world, whatever) needs to be fleshed out. Also, I need to specify what happens when a node becomes unbalanced, why that is a bad thing. And there need to be villains of some sort, one group that seeks to control the world.