Monday, January 21, 2013

Fate Core: Aeon Trinity pt 2

Project Unity
Unity Station was our last, best hope for peace. 
A self-contained world five miles long, located in neutral territory. 
A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens. 
A shining beacon in space, all alone in the night. 
It was the third golden age of man...the year the Great War came upon us all. 
This is the story of the last of the Unity Stations. 
The year is 2136.
The name of the place is Unity 3.  

  In the years leading up to the second Aberrant war, during the conflict with the Chromatics, there was an idea. A place where all the various people, nations, and species could come together in peace. The Trinity began construction on Unity Station with the help of the Upeo Wa Macho years before they disappeared. When this idea for a neutral ground came forward, the half completed station was put forward as a prime location. The first station was attacked by Aberrants within a month of the decision. They began building a new station within a month. There was a great deal of corruption and graft involved in that stations construction. Within a week of its completion it fell out of the sky. The Trinity took a more active hand in the creation of the third, and final, station. It was completed six month ago, and now it stands as the meeting point for nations, organizations, and aliens. The Qin have an embassy, as does one faction of the Chromatics. Each psi order has an enclave there as do most nations and free planets. Eden has a token Embassy, but no one is comfortable with them being there.

Here is a list of sample stunts for my Aeon Trinity hack for Fate Core. These are just examples to help you come up with your own, if you need to.
Aggressive Shape-shift:  You can use your Biokinesis skill to attack physically within the same zone.
Carapace/redundant organs/ defensive shape change: you can use your biokinesis to defend physically.
Master shifter: You gain a +2 bonus when rolling to create an advantage.
Programed moment: you use clairsentience to avoid a blow by predicting the scenario.
Cosmic dice: You gain a +2 bonus when rolling to create an advantage.
Planned hit: you saw the damage coming ahead of time and used that knowledge to lessen the blow. once per conflict you can spend a fate point to use a consequence as if it were one higher.
Lightning bolt: you can use Electrokinesis to attack. For each zone outside your current one reduce your roll by one.
Technokinesis: you can use your electrokinesis when using computers, or interacting with machines that have an electric current.
Power Surge: when attacking a machine gain a +2 to your roll.
Remote manipulation: Use psychokinesis to create an advantage.
Freeze: you can create  a barrier around a person or thing(see Storm calling in the Magic Toolkit), like the attack action for glacier calling(pg 15).
Burn: when making an attack action you can attack every target(except you) in a zone. you take a minus one to the attack roll to do so.
Phantasm: +2 to create advantage rolls involved with illusion
Mindstorm: use Telepathy to make a mental attack.
Mental fortitude: telpathy defends against mental attack.
Object Jump: reduce your roll by one to teleport an object and everything in it(like a space ship, or a house) over a long distance.
Transmass Shield: my altering the way space folds around you you can roll teleportation to defend.
Master of the Long Jump: you gain a +2 to overcome rolls to teleport.
Algesis: you can use vitakinesis to attack within the same zone(you must touch the victim of the attack).
Regeneration: +2 to overcome rolls to heal yourself.
Negation: when an ally(or enemy I guess) takes a consequence you can roll your Vitakinesis. If your roll is higher than the attack roll that player can treat a consequence as a higher level of consequence for purposes of negating damage.

Weapons have a rating from one to four. This rating is added to the roll after it is successful, this it adds to damage. It also has one other stat, ranged or close, to indicate whether it can be used in the same zone or an adjacent zone. armor is rated from one two three. This rating removes a certain amount of damage.

1- Knife(close), hold-out pistol(ranged)
2- Sword(close), Pistol(ranged)
3- Axe(close), Rifle/assault rifle(ranged)
4-Plasma weapon(ranged), Rocket launcher(ranged)

1- Light armor, flak jacket, concealed armor
2- Medium armor, swat armor
3- Heavy armor, combat armor, bomb squad armor

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