Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fate Core: Fantasy

I played in a game of Fate Core tonight. We played a fantasy one shot. There was a long discussion about how the world and characters should go, and a large scuffle with a band of outlaws. I ran into a few issues that I found troublesome during the game.

At one point the GM used a compel to deny one player an action. I found this distasteful. I understand why it happened, I just did not care for it. A player's only real handle on the world is the character they play. If you deny the player their action you are negating their ability to choose. I realize that the player can spend a Fate point to ignore the compel, but it seems wasteful to spend a point just to do what you want in the game.

Concessions, I have ever really got these. I understand them on paper, and when the PCs wish to concede there is no problem. It is when the NPCs wish to concede that I find the problem rearing its head. I think that if the players and GM were more direction stating what is at stake in the conflict this would be better off.

Can you take more than one consequence in a single round? I just can't remember. Overall the game was enjoyable; fun was had by all. Check it out:

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