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Fate Core: Aeon Trinity pt 3

Seventy-five years ago we drove the aberrant menace from the earth. They left with the promise of a return. Thirty-two years ago they swept out of the darkness like the titans of old. The monstrous forces of The Colony took there time. Small raiding parties here and there to test the waters were the name of the game for twenty years. The Colony wanted to rule over humanity, not just destroy them. Many other aberrants left earth for good, taking their followers with them. They colonized over a hundred worlds. Some were friendly to humanity, some were not.

The Colony
During the First Aberrant War the aberrant who would become the Colony delved deep into the philosophies of taint. He believed that mankind's destiny was to become one. One mind, one group,and eventually one organism. He is now beyond form and obvious matter. The colony exists as something like a virus or infection. His infection allows him to absolutely control non aberrant infected. Aberrants who are infected with the Colony can resist him, but he still knows where they are and what they are doing. He is calculating and power mad. He wants the earth and it's population, but he is willing to be patient.

By incaink
The colony of Eden was founded early on in the First Aberrant War by a group of aberrants and baseline humans who sought a safe place far from the war. they continued to take on refugees throughout the war. The ceased all contact with earth at the end of the war. Recently they have reestablished contact with the earth by way of Upeo Wa Macho. They aided humanity during the war with the Chromatics, and so they have the grudging appreciation of humanity. They have a small embassy on Unity 3. Most humans are distrustful of them, though.

Kingdom Come
Aberrants have the Aberrant extra. This costs one refresh and allows you to take Aberrant stunts. These stunts are closer to extras in that they cost a certain number of stunt slots(or refresh, once you are past the first stunt). It also give you access to a secondary consequence list. This is your Taint Consequence list. you can take a taint consequence along side a stress box and a regular consequence. This allows you to take quite a bit more damage than a baseline human, however this can lead to some serious deformities and derangements. You can also gain a consequence by Maxing a roll. this represents pushing your limits as far as you can and then pushing further. How it works is this. You can add a number to your roll equal to the consequence you are taking(plus two for mild, plus four for Moderate, and so on). Taint consequences take twice as long to recover from.

Psions can invoke your Taint consequences to shut down your aberrant stunts for a round. They cannot stop you acting, but they can negate your powers for a moment.

Aberrant stunts
Here is a list of sample stunts for Aberrants. Feel free to make up you own.
Mega_____: You can take this stunt as many times as you have skills, but only once per skill. What it does is allow you to set one of your fudge dice to + before the roll when using that skill.
Epic_____: You can take this as many times as you have skills, but only once per skill. This allows you to do part of that skill more, superhumanly more. the skill is either faster, further, or needs no tools when you use it. Requires you have Mega_____ or Elite____.
Elite_____: when you use this skill you replace one of your fudge dice with a D6. This skill requires and replaces Mega______.
Warp: You can bend space, ripping a hole in the universe between here and there. the further away, tho more difficult it is to do[+2 to leave the immediate area(leave the conflict zone areas), +4 from the earth to the moon, +6 from earth to Oort cloud, +8 to another system]. Use Lore or Notice(Lore for far jumps, notice for combat jumping) to roll to warp.
Mind control: Use (name of skill) to make a mental attack.
Flight: You can fly, this negates some obstacles and give you more movement options for creating advantages
Matter Transmutation: Use Lore to change matter from one thing into another. the difficulty is based on the amount of matter to be changed(man I need to come up a with a listing of scale for this).

So there are my thoughts on how Aberrants work in Fate Core Aeon Trinity. Let me know what you think. Critisism and praise are both welcome.

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