Friday, January 4, 2013

Fate Core: Magi pt 3
Tom, Tom, he was a piper's son,
He learned to play when he was young.
And all the tune that he could play
Was over the hills and far away;
Over the hills is a great way off.
The wind shall blow my top-knot off.

Tom with his pipe made such a noise,
That he pleased both the girls and boys,
And they all stopped to hear him play,
'Over the hills and far away'.

Tom with his pipe did play with such skill
That those who heard him could never keep still;
As soon as he played they began for to dance,
Even the pigs on their hind legs would after him dance.

As Dolly was milking her cow one day,
Tom took his pipe and began to play;
So Dolly and the cow danced 'The Cheshire Round',
Till the pail was broken and the milk ran on the ground.

He met old Dame Trot with a basket of eggs,
He used his pipe and she used her legs;
She danced about till the eggs were all broke,
She began for to fret, but he laughed at the joke.

Tom saw a cross fellow was beating an ass,
Heavy laden with pots, pans, dishes, and glass;
He took out his pipe and he played them a tune,
And the poor donkey's load was lightened full soon
                                                                      ~Nursery Rhyme

Today I will be discussing the Factions within the magi. Here are a few of the basic faction ideas I have had.

Rationalists: Rationalists believe that the world should work the same everywhere. They believe that science is absolute. They follow the Method and the Theory. Currently they hold a majority of the planets nodes. However, there has been dissension in the ranks of late, and the masses are starting to revolt. They have pushed too far too fast, and now the masses are pushing back.

The Jedi: this is used as a derogatory term for a group of newbie Magi who were heavily influenced by Star Wars, Kung Fu Movies, and other pop culture ideas of special powers. They are really into their world view and how cool all of this is. Generally they move on to another faction after a little bit of maturing.

The Mad: These are Magi who believe that rules just get in the way. They are absolutely opposed to entropy and love creation, they are not opposed to destruction. They believe in absolute individuality. most of them behave more and more erratically as the years(if there is such a thing) go by. The most powerful of the faction being almost completely alien in their outlook on all matters.

The Forgotten: old gods, mythical monsters, demons, and all manner of things that are no longer believed in still exist. Well, some of them do. When reality changed, they did not vanish. no one knows why. they are not human, but they have minds, they believe. They believe they should exist. They believe it so badly that it changes the world a little. they exist on the fringes, in the dark. beware their dark desires.

The Unity: In the beginning, there was one voice. then came the many, then came the conflict.The Unity believe that unity is absolute, that nothing is worse than conflict. They believe that unity is worth sacrificing anything for. Anything.

Returners: these magi believe that things were better before. Before what? Each returner has a different answer. They know that things were better, and they wish to return to that reality. Often they are followers of old religions. The Forgotten are often seen in the company of Returners.

Sons of the Devourer: Existence is a mistake. A fluke that never should have happened. That is what the sons believe. They are Nihilists of the highest order. The believe that everything must burn. they believe this. They tear down all they see. And when their work is done, when there is nothing left but them, they will turn their fires upon themselves. Liberty in death for all.

Also I will go over the skills ad how they work(I will expand on this as we go along). this game will focus almost entirely on Magic and controlling the world around you.

Stress tracks
Will stress track: keeps track of how well your mind stays together under stress, based on psyche.
Pattern stress track: keeps track of how well you can hold your image of yourself, based on pattern.

Every skill can be used to attack, defend, create advantages, and overcome obstacles.  it is your description of how they do so that gives the game its flavor. also each skill can be used to change yourself, to change others,or to change the landscape. each skill has only one of these facets initially, though you can pick up stunts that will allow for more.

Elan Vital: there is something that separates life from non life, though it is difficult for any to say what that something is. This skill allows understanding and control of life. some believe that this was the skill that caused the conflict, for you can create a living thing that is capable of disagreeing with you.this skill starts out with the facet of Self.

Matter: This is the skill of things, making things, breaking things, and holding things together. the building blocks of the non living universe are matter and this skill lets you perceive, control, and create matter. Starts with the facet of landscape, it changes the world, changing yourself and others with it is far harder.

Forces: Those laws that interact with matter and living things the same, fire, electricity, fission, and things that are far beyond the ideas of the world today. that is forces. Starts with the facet of landscape.

Spirit: There exists a world along side ours, call it the collective unconscious, or the dream world, or virtual reality, in the end it is the spirit world. It is deeply connected to every person in the world. in this world every person has a realm where their beliefs are supreme, where their will is law. This skill lets you manipulate that world and affect the things within it. Starts with the facet of landscape.

Affinity: This skill is difficult to understand. It explores the nature of connection. Everything i the universe is connected in some way. With this skill you can see those connections and manipulate them. It involves movement, yes, but deeper still it involves changing the relationships between things, or people. Connection starts with the facet of other it is easier to see the connections between other people than to see other kinds of connection.

Psyche: This is one fo two non-magical skills. this is your mind. you use this skill to do any of the tasks you would with your magical skills, there are certain tasks that you cannot do, however. Most notably you cannot create things from nothing with this skill, nor can you create permanent(or semi permanent) aspects with this skill. the best you can do is scene long. non magic starts with the facet of self.

Pattern: This is the other non-magical skill. it represents your physical representation(most likely, your body). it has the same restrictions that psyche has, only it is for pattern actions(physical actions in the current universal construct). Starts with the facet of self

You can pick one skill as your primary this starts at three, you then get one as your secondary this starts at two, then you take one as your tertiary skill this is at one, the rest are at 0.

That is it for today. Tomorrow I wil go into nodes a bit more as well as perhaps character creation a bit more. See you then.