Saturday, January 26, 2013

Diaspora: Maricaiban Express pt 1

Today I ran a game of Diaspora for my group. It is set in the same cluster as the last adventure we had, and follows directly on the heals of that adventure. Our heroes arrive at Trade Station(it sounds better in the native Maricaiban) to offload their cargo and find new work.

In Rick's Bar, specializing in catering to nonmaricaiban pallettes, they find hints of something lurking within the cloud layer of the gas giant Maricaiba Primo. After convincing a Diver pilot to take them into the atmosphere of the great planet they discover towers floating in the sky. They board one and find aliens in what appear to be cryo pods, long dead. Now that they have this information, what do they plan to do with it?

This was an odd game for me as there was no combat, and almost no real conflict. We tried out the social conflict rules and found that I really need to grok those rules a bit more. Everyone seemed to have fun, so mission accomplished, I guess.

Here is a recording of the adventure should you wish to watch: