Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fate Core: Aeon Trinity pt 4

Mysterious alien allies of man against the encroachment of the Aberrant threat. This is what is known. They are all telepathic. They are a one meter long slug-like beings, though few now this. The Qin are masters of Biotech, they build custom bio-suits to fit the needs of the moment. First contact was made by the Chinese in the year 2108. They worship the Doyen, supposedly immortal beings of pure psychic energy. They are clannish and factional. About half of them support contact with humans, and half see humans as just as big a threat as the aberrants. They are our allies, but they are alien, and none can say what they truly think

All Qin have the telepathy psi-power. They cannot have telepathy as there apex skill. They also must have a notice skill at +3 or higher. they cannot have a physical skill higher than +2. They tend to augment their feeble physical skills with biotech.

Biotech is an item or device that is alive in someway. Basically it works exactly like its hardtech counterpart, save for a few differences. You can format a piece of biotech. Formatting involves attuning your body to the biotech item. A formatted biotech device gives you a boost to your controlling ability of that device. generally this is a +1. Some biotech have more than one bonus. each bonus to each skill counts as additional piece of biotech.

Humans start with on tolerance slot. this means they have the ability to format one biotech device. you can take a stunt to increase this number. if you do not format the biotech, it still works as a normal device, you just get no bonus.

Tolerance: you gain one additional tolerance slot. this can be taken multiple times, thus allowing for bigger or more biotech devices.

Example biotech devices
Biotech Laser/plasma gun
   works like a normal gun. when formatted it gives you a +1 to shooting rolls.
biotech tools
   Works like whichever tool it is. when formatted gives you a +1 to the relevant skill.

Example Qin bio-suits
   Looks like a perfectly symmetrical humanoid of indeterminate gender. It has a pleasant voice. Unformatted it works like light armor. It takes two biotech tolerance to use. when formatted it grants a +1 to rapport and to deception.

   Looks like a tall and imposing man in armor. unformatted it acts as medium armor. Takes two tolerance slots. When formatted it grants a +1 to physique and to fighting.