Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fate Core: The Sharn Codex pt 2

Today I ran a game of Fate Core. I had one of my players not show up, which changed a lot of how the session went. Also one of the players was ill and had to bow out early. These games I am running on Google+ seem to hit around the two hour mark. I have some thoughts on how to do a two hour game work.

The first piece of advice is take way more notes than you think you need. You are going to have a week between sessions, so it can be hard to remember stuff. For these shorter sessions this is more of an issue than in regular games. as they have less scenes and less information, those notes become far more critical to the unified game experience.

The second is do not over plan the session. Generally if you are planning more than three scenes per session you are planning too much. Generally I have two scenes planned out, with a couple of hooks for one or two of the PCs.

Third, find a good stopping point, and learn to recognize them when they happen. I find cliffhangers are good, though at the end of a scene where they learn something and that knowledge leads to more problems works really well too.

Here is the recording of our game: