Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fate Core: Aeon Trinity pt 5

I am going to change the Chromatics up a bit for my hack. In part this is because I have moved the time frame forward a decade or so. Also, I have always had my own version of them, and I think that this will add a bit of variety to my hack. If you want to play them the way they are written in the source material, that is fine and dandy. I just felt like playing around with some of the ideas.

Much has changed since man fist encountered the Chromatics. They will probably never be our friends, but they may become our allies. Since they were freed from their Doyen masters they have split into a several factions. The largest faction have abandoned their religion and embraced the technologies of man.They are rapidly becoming a technological powerhouse. The older members of the society fear space. The newer generation are far more open, and interested in it.

Chromatics have difficulty with politics as they are inherently honest. Lying is completely foreign to them. They have a name for Humans, they call them The Mad. To lie is to be false. To be false is madness. They have an embassy on Unity 3, mostly because humans and Qin have the technological superiority.

Chromatics have a psi-power called photokinesis. this allows them to create advantages and attack with it. Their language is based almost entirely around color and light. To speak with Humans and Qin they require a translation device. It is a harness that picks up the light emanations and converts it to a verbal language.

Chromatic characters must have the photokinesis skill. Also they must have an athletics score of +2 or higher. Also they cannot communicate normally with Qin, Humans, or the Coalition. They also have a couple of unique stunts they can take.

Chromatic Stunts
Void Walker: when formatted to a Chromatic Biofighter you can use athletics in place of piloting.
Electrokinesis: you can use photokinesis to do electrokinesis powers.
Tech bond: You must have electrokinesis to use this. you can format hardtech. When you do this gain a +1 to rolls when using hardtech. Non-Chromatics can learn this provided they have electrokinesis, and can find a Chromatic teacher.

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