Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fate Core: Magi pt 5


Character creation
In Fate Core the phases of character aspect creation are very crucial to the understanding of how your character exists in the world and how that character interacts with the world. For Magi I have decided to change the Fate Core phases to something different that fits the game I am making a bit better.

What do you believe: Write an aspect about how you believe the world should work. Do you believe in chaos or order, individuality or conformity, or do you fall outside those parameters in some strange way?
What is your style: how do you interact with magic? how do you change the world? Technology, ritual, the force, steam tech, transhumanism,  or something else? write an aspect that demonstrates that style
What do you love: What is the person, thing, or idea you care about the most?
What is your failing: What is your weakness? how have you failed, and how do you continue to fail? What is in your way on the path to power?
What is you connection to others: look to the other people at the table, build an aspect that shows your connection to their characters. Are you a cabal of Magi attempting to change the world? Are you Frenemies? what is the relationship and how do you interact with it?

There are another type of aspects you will have. you start with one skill aspect slot. a skill aspect is like a scene aspect, only it can be changed by yourself or another using a roll(obviously it is easier for you to change it, than another. you can have more than one skill aspect, however you have a maximum number of slots equal to one plus your rating in pattern.

A skill aspect represents what you are good at in the current reality. Basically these represent your mundane abilities within that paradigm. you can change them to suit your needs, or to better fit a new paradigm. Say you are accessing a node where gunpowder does not work, having the Gunfighting skill aspect will not be useful. So you roll one of your magic skills to change that. The magical skill will effect the type of skill aspect you can create.

I am tinkering with the idea of using some sort of sliders in the world. There would be two of them.the sliders one is set between order(conformity) and chaos(individuality) perhaps there is an x axis that goes from order to chaos and a y axis that goes from conformity to individuality. I kind of want this game to potentially be any game. need to think on this. Basically it would be rated from -4 to +4 on each scale and it would represent the way the universe works in that node. you could only change it on a successful roll. This will alter it one step on the sliders. Succeed with style and you can do two. I still need to work on this idea a bit, but that is the core of it.

I have had a few thoughts on how style will affect play. I thought I would share those thoughts, but be warned they are incomplete. If your style is in line with the aspects on the node you can do magic freely. If you own the node, you gain a free invoke on each of the aspects on the node. If your node is mildly off of the aspects on the node any magic roll will be contested by the node. And if your style is just way out there, then the node gets a free invoke of it aspects against you in the opposed roll. I need to work on the node's skills and such, but this is the basis of how I see magic working in the game. Any thoughts on this subject would be welcome.

Unique Persons of the World of Magi
The First Dissenter: In the beginning was the one. the first voice, singing to the void. Then came the other, the second voice. The First Dissenter claims to be that second voice. The voice of rebellion, disagreement. It seeks to create as may differing and opposed viewpoints in the world as it can. It follows the path of anarchy and individualism. Break everything down, always.

Belief: I disagree
Style: The Language of the First
Love: Self is all there is
Failing: Of course, I disagree...

King of Clocks: He exists in perpetual motion. The world around him seems to be standing still. Time bends and distorts to his whim. If you start trying to alter the time stream, or do away with time, be warned. You will hear the tick tock of his footsteps long before you see him. And none who have seen him survive with their sanity intact. He lives in a palace of gears, surrounded by his automita. There you can live a lifetime in a moment, or not age for millenia. He is order, he is creation, he is movement.

Belief: Life should be sequential
Style: Casting and clairvoyance
Love: Machines will never let me down
Failing: Things must be just so

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