Friday, January 18, 2013

Fate Core: Aeon Trinity pt 1


When you wish to play a psion, you must subtract one from your refresh, and pick an aptitude. This aptitude is the only way you can access psi. Once you have picked an aptitude that is your only power from then on, you can never use another aptitude. you must also have something in your high concept related to being a psion. 
Psi Aptitudes

 Mostly this is used for creating advantages, and overcoming obstacles by changing your shape, altering your internal organs, and the ability to adapt to hostile environments. You cannot directly attack and defend with this power, you have to have prepared an advantage before hand to represent the changes you make to yourself.

Biokinetics tend to be loyal to NORCA, leaving is seen as traitorous and often they are hunted down by the NORCA. If you have left NORCA you will need a good reason to have gotten free.
Use this to create advantages and overcome obstacles either through looking into the past or the future. Directly attacking is impossible and defense is defined by creating an advantage.

ISRA will take just about anyone who shows latency for clairsentience. Their is a predominance of the Baha'i religion within the order. Often those who see the past or the future are distrusted. 
 Advantage, and overcome actions, only related electricity and light(photokinesis). 
You can make attack actions and overcome actions for kinetic and thermal energy.

The Legions are the last line of defense for mankind against the Aberrant threat. They are the largest order, and always looking for new recruits. They only accept volunteers in the Legions.
You can overcome and create advantages dealing with understanding the mind and emotions. you can read thoughts and emotions.

Telepathy is not as common as telekinesis or Vitakinetics. The Ministry recruits all it can find, though they are careful, as only telepaths can be, to recruit those who share there goals.
You can overcome obstacles and create advantages related to the healing. you can speed up the healing of yourself and others, you roll psi vs a difficulty equal to +[the combined level of the consequences you are trying to heal], should you succeed at the roll treat the consequence(or consequences) as one level lower for the purposes of healing it. if you succeed with style it counts as two levels lower(can't be lower than minor).

Vitakinetics tend to come from a medical background, after they go through the Prometheus chamber they spend a few years interning. Many stay with the Aesculpian Order, but some move onto other jobs.
You can roll overcome and defense actions involving teleporting, either yourself or others. Overcome action to move distances. the bigger the object and the less you know about the location, the more difficult it is. Roll defense action to avoid physical damage by a short hop out of the way of the damage.

Upeo Wa Macho have a hard time of it. They left the earth for a time to remain free from the control of outside forces. Now they are back and dealing with the mistrust of the world they abandoned. Teleportation is the least common latency, now that the Chitra Banu have been purged.